“Worst Case Scenario,” Weather Experts Share Update for Disney World, Universal

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on the left: a photo of hurricane idalia as it heads towards Florida. on the right: a photo of a cloudy and stormy day inside Magic Kingdom at Disney World

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Hurricane Idalia has officially become a significant storm as intensification takes place in the Gulf as it heads towards Florida. Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort must prepare for what experts call the “worst-case scenario.”

hurricane Idalia - Stormy clouds and stormy weather over a Disney World Resort hotel
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Disney World, Universal Respond to Hurricane Idalia

As of this morning, Idalia is officially a hurricane and is currently intensifying as we speak. Weather experts are calling this storm a “worst-case scenario” as Florida braces for what could be a catastrophe storm. Still, before you jump to any conclusions, it’s best to keep up to date with any updates currently being released about this storm to stay accurately informed.

Hurricane #Idalia Advisory 12: Idalia Strengthening. Life-Threatening Storm Surge and Hurricane Conditions Expected Along Portions of the Gulf Coast of Florida Tonight and Wednesday.

– National Hurricane Center

Disney and Universal have released statements as of 11 a.m. this morning, indicating that they intend to be in normal operations throughout the day. But updates are released every few hours, with the next update likely released between 2:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

hurricane Idalia - Magic Kingdom entrance at Walt Disney World Resort
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Disney World has suspended all fees for guests staying on resort property. Any guests staying at one of the onsite resorts can either cancel or modify their vacation plans as the hurricane approaches. Universal has also waived its cancelation and change fees for guests staying on the property throughout the state of emergency or hurricane warnings being sent out throughout the day and into the morning tomorrow.

Universal Orlando has also removed signage, props, food carts, and more as the Resort prepares for the storm. Universal even removed the Halloween Horror Nights medallion that was just hung up not too long ago in preparation for the event to begin this Friday.

Tampa International Airport, a destination many guests fly in and out of for their Disney World vacation, has closed indefinitely as the hurricane approaches Florida.

hurricane Idalia - storm brewing at Walt Disney World
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Following hurricane policies at Disney World is paramount as it ensures the safety and well-being of visitors and staff during potentially hazardous weather events. These policies are meticulously designed to address hurricanes’ unique challenges to the theme park environment, where large crowds gather and intricate logistics are at play.

By adhering to these protocols, the park can effectively manage guests’ orderly evacuation or sheltering, mitigate potential risks associated with strong winds and heavy rains, and safeguard the structural integrity of rides and facilities. Additionally, strict adherence to hurricane policies enables Disney World to maintain its commitment to providing a magical and worry-free experience for visitors, assuring them that their safety remains the top priority despite unpredictable weather.

This diligent preparedness protects the park’s reputation and establishes it as a responsible and dependable destination that prioritizes the security of all who step through its gates.

Further updates will be released throughout the day and tomorrow morning as Hurricane Idalia approaches Florida, Universal, and Disney World.

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