Hasbro Announces Another Toy Movie to Outdo Mattel

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Hasbro has been coming out plastic guns blazing in the battle to dominate toy movie adaptations. Barbie has been a colossal achievement for Mattel as it has grossed over $1 billion at the box office in just a month. This success motivated the company to reveal its intentions to create a Mattel Cinematic Universe, with 14 new projects in development. Toy company rival, Hasbro has responded in turn with its own slate of toy film adaptations. The most recent project on their list will attempt to blast away the competition.

Barbie (Margot Robbie) dancing in the 'Barbie' movie
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The once powerful reign of Hasbro commenced with the juggernaut franchise, Transformers in 2007. The movie spawned six sequels and one spinoff that have grossed $5.2 billion overall. The company has also had moderate success with G.I. Joe (2009) with three movies and a fourth in development. They also developed Battleship (2012) and Power Rangers (2017), but neither they nor G.I. Joe have reached the financial success of Transformers.

A large metal Transformer tears through a city.
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Unfortunately, Hasbro has had to restructure their strategy as their “golden transforming goose” has been raking in less and less money with each sequel since The Last Knight (2017). Last month’s release, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, made the least amount of any of its predecessors with $413 million. This was a puzzling outcome for the toy conglomerate as the movie received positive reviews compared to previous films. They even set up a Hasbro Cinematic Crossover with the G.I. Joe franchise and a spin-off with the Maximals (aka Beast Wars).

'Transformers: Rise of the Beasts'
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Since these properties are no longer automatic successes, Hasbro has been exploring other franchises to develop into ‘Barbie-level’ cinematic sensations. The company is broadening its reach to not only focus on dolls or action figures as source material. This plan was evident when they announced that the board game, Monopoly, would become a movie. Hasbro is now hoping to not “jump the gun” with the revelation of a Nerf movie in the works.

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There has been no confirmation on a director or cast, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer, Van Robichaux, expressed pitching Hasbro the idea of making a big action spectacle that would feature someone like the Rock or Chris Hemsworth, but instead of bullets flying, it would by Nerf foam projectiles. The comedy writer felt a Nerf movie could be huge if it was played like a straight by-the-books Hollywood action film.


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While this pitch was rejected, Barbie has proved that quirky, genre-bending comedies can be financial successes if done properly. Hasbro has not even confirmed what the story will be, but the name-drop has been speculated to be a tactic to steal Mattel’s thunder. It seems all is fair in love and Nerf war.

Credit: Hasbro

The company has also announced they will be developing another Dungeons & Dragons, Transformers, GI Joe, as well as introducing Magic: The Gathering, Peppa Pig, Play-Doh and My Little Pony as new film projects. This face-off between two toy-producing titans is slowly becoming like West Side Story, except the street gangs are all-powerful corporations that battle for the love of consumers’ nostalgia. What a time to be alive.

What do you think of this announcement? Could a Nerf movie work?

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