‘Game of Thrones’ Creator Throws Shade at His Beloved Series

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The year of 2011 was a simpler time for the age of television. Disney+ was still just a glimmer in Bob Iger’s eye, Netflix was still a mail-only DVD movie service, and cable TV ruled the Iron Throne of viewership. The premium cable network HBO sought to expand its show lineup as hits like The Sopranos, The Wire, and Sex and the City had come to an end. No one could have anticipated the upcoming cultural phenomenon that would be Game of Thrones.

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Producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss pitched HBO a series that would be like “The Sopranos in Middle Earth.” It would be a character-driven fantasy series based on the best-selling books of George R.R. Martin. Game of Thrones would go on to become a global juggernaut that led the Golden Era of Television.

Unfortunately, a story is only as good as its ending. Winter came and went too quickly for fans as the megahit show ended abruptly with a shortened and break-neck paced series finale. The series was lambasted as nearly ten years of a building climax came to an unsatisfying ending for many viewers. The fanbase was not alone, as the celebrated creator of Game of Thrones, Martin, did not defend the series’ backlash.

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The esteemed author wrote about some of his favorite television episodes on his Not a Blog website recently. This topic came up after the Game of Thrones episode “Blackwater,” which he wrote, was picked as one of the “25 Perfect TV Episodes From the Last 25 Years” by Vanity Fair.

Martin stated, “If I had to pick one episode that was even more perfect than all the others on the list, it would have to be the final episode of Six Feet Under. He continued, “I liked that series well enough, though I cannot say I loved it [overall] as much as I loved Rome or Deadwood or Fargo…but that last episode [of Six Feet Under] was far and away the best finale in the entire history of television, and I cannot imagine how anyone could possibly do better.”

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Fans have speculated that this was some obvious shade-throwing as he omitted the very series based on his four novels and extended manuscript. Martin served as an executive producer on HBO’s Game of Thrones, yet his involvement diminished once the series caught up to his books. Martin provided showrunners, Benioff and Weiss, with his extensive notes of how the saga would end so they could continue the fantasy drama.

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Benioff and Weiss chose to end Game of Thrones after three more seasons. This baffled Martin as his notes were so comprehensive, he expressed that there could have been at least ten seasons total. Much of the fanbase has guessed that the series had an expedited ending so that the two controversial showrunners could hop onto a now sidelined Star Wars trilogy, then eventually Netflix.

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The true reasons behind the hasty final season may always remain a mystery, but Game of Thrones was still an award-winning, ratings-shattering franchise for nearly a decade. Despite how it ended, it still carries devoted viewers who have now switched to, House of the Dragon. Its success pre-strikes even led to talks of Kit Harington reprising his role as Jon Snow in a much-needed Game of Thrones epilogue.

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There is no telling what the future holds for the true conclusion to the “Song of Ice and Fire,” but fans will eagerly await any potential updates. Until that day happens, Martin was not wrong when he listed the critically-acclaimed HBO shows above as franchises that could stick their landings.

Game of Thrones, Six Feet Under, Rome, and Deadwood are all streaming on MAX.

What do you think of Martin’s comments? Is the last season of Game of Thrones as bad as fans and critics claim?

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