Disney World Tour Guide Charged With Felony, Banned From Parks

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A man has been arrested after stealing a car at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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The Walt Disney World Resort is a place filled with magic and fun, offering incredible rides, attractions, and experiences for millions of Guests to enjoy each and every year. However, just because it’s known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re protected from criminal activity.

In the past, we’ve reported on robberies and thievery in and around the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, with the worrying trend now continuing.

A man is now facing a charge of grand theft auto after stealing a vehicle from the Walt Disney World Resort.

Epcot Disney 100
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The man, who has been identified as Ahmed Snina, worked as a tour guide for Walt Disney Orlando Tours. The 24-year-old was caught on surveillance cameras taking a baby stroller that was parked in the France Pavilion of World Showcase.

In the stroller is where Snina found the keys to a great KIA Sportage, the car he was caught breaking into.

“Snina took various items from the stroller including keys to [the car],” said a deputy in the arrest report. I further observed Snina on surveillance video walking through the Epcot Center parking lot, where he located the KIA parked in the ‘CRUSH’ section of the lot.

A girl wearing Mickey ears in front of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT's International Food and Wine Festival
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Snina then proceeded to open the side door of the car, start the engine and move the vehicle to a different spot in the parking lot.

He then rummaged through the vehicle in an attempt to find valuable items.

“When he was finished, he shut the engine and left the ignition key on the driver seat. Snina was then observed walking through the EPCOT parking lot to his vehicle, a gray Volkswagen Jetta,” finished the deputy.

After this, Snina attempted to enter Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where Disney Security intervened, and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office carried out an arrest.

Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney's Hollywood Studios
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The owner of the stroller and the vehicle is willing to press charges against Snina as well as serve as a witness during any legal proceedings.

Snina is prohibited from returning to Walt Disney World.

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