Lengthy Evacuation Takes Place on Disney Attraction

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Mickey Mouse at Toontown in Disneyland Resort

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A few guests were in for a treat after a popular attraction at Disneyland broke down mid-ride, leading to a lengthy evacuation.

The COVID-19 virus layered on top of the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Resort
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An uptick in COVID Cases Could Shut Down Disneyland Indefinitely

Before jumping into the story about the evacuation, here are some essential things to remember when visiting Disneyland in California, especially if you plan on staying within the next few weeks. There’s been an uptick in COVID cases in the Los Angeles and Anhaim areas, leading to mask mandates being reinstated and a rise in hospitalizations.

As per the scoop from ABC7, with schools reopening and more people traveling around the Labor Day weekend, health experts are giving us a heads-up about a potential “tripledemic” that could throw things off, just like it did back in 2020. Over in L.A. County, the health folks are already making big companies like Lionsgate wear masks in certain parts of their offices. They’re doing this because doctors have noticed a recent rise in cases.

Disney Characters posing in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle
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We all remember what went down globally in 2020 when the pandemic hit, bringing the world to a standstill, including big-name spots like Disneyland. Just this March, we hit the three-year mark since Disney Parks had to close shop, including Disneyland’s shutdown from March 12 to April 30, 2020. However, this rise in cases might not mean the parks are shutting down again; it’s always intelligent to gear up for the worst but hope for the best. Right now, the idea is for folks who aren’t feeling well to stay home and for those of us feeling good to be extra careful and considerate when we’re at these Disney Resorts, looking out for each other.

But let’s get back to the topic of conversation, which is the ride evacuation that took place today in Disneyland.

Bridge scene with pyrotechnics at Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland Resort
Credit: Disneyland Resort

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Indiana Jones Adventure Breaks Down With Guests Onboard, Evacuation Takes Place

The Indiana Jones Adventure is an iconic attraction at Disneyland Resort in California. It’s an immersive and thrilling ride inspired by the Indiana Jones film franchise, known for its action-packed adventures and daring escapades.

Today, some guests got stuck on the attraction after it broke down, which led to a lengthy evacuation for those on the ride, but it did make for some fantastic and unique experiences.

@imaginat1on on Twitter posted the above photo and video showing the moment the attraction broke down, which led to an evacuation that had the guests walking inside the ride with most, if not all, lights off. Talk about a cool and unique experience.

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