Walt Disney World Has “No Soul” After Recent Changes

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Guests watch the EPCOT Forever fireworks display at Walt Disney World Resort

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Disney Springs is one of the only places in Walt Disney World that you can visit without requiring a ticket.

Per the Disney website, Disney Springs is described as:

Welcome to Disney Springs—a truly amazing place featuring an eclectic mix of unique boutiques, one-of-a-kind eateries and jaw-dropping entertainment that will have you wondering where the day went. Wander through vibrant walkways and uncover fashionable finds inside more than 50 brand name and Disney-themed shops, boutiques and kiosks. Savor a variety of culinary delights among a collection of waterside cafes, world-class restaurants and quick-service counters. Enjoy a host of fun-filled experiences, from smile-inducing specialty acts and diverse music to world-renowned shows with breathtaking talent.

Scene at Disney Springs
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Disneyland has its own version called Downtown Disney, which offers similar dining and entertainment options. Disney Springs is often considered a sort of nightlife option for guests visiting Disney World. In the late 90s to mid 2000s, Disney Springs, then called Pleasure Island, actually offered a variety of nightclubs and bars, including one for teens only.

Pleasure Island offered alcohol, dancing, and a way for guests to really unwind after a long day in the parks. Most of this has since disappeared from the property, being replaced instead by family-friendly restaurants, interactive exhibits, and dozens of gift shops. Unfortunately, this choice hasn’t been very popular with recent guests looking for other ways to enjoy an evening either after the parks or instead of the parks.

Four people raise Coca-Colas in front of the hot air balloon in Disney Springs
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A recent thread on X/Twitter started by @StudiosRemember gave Disney fans a place to express what they say Disney Springs is lacking.

So observations on Disney Springs after being away from six years: – Spent a maximum of two hours here when used to easily spend four or five. – Walked in and out of World of Disney. No soul now that they’ve changed it. Wife felt “overwhelmed”. Contd.

– Bought one pin from Pin Traders. Not enough of a diverse variety. – World of Disney had no pin boards??? Pin Traders only had one. Saw no CM’s with lanyards. – Raglan Road was the BEST thing we did.

The comments were full of people agreeing that it was no longer enjoyable and that much of what made it “Disney magical” is missing. “I wish I knew what WoD was like before. I’ve only ever been overwhelmed in there,” @the_cool_amanda said about the recent redesign of the store. “I totally feel the overwhelmed bit. The new layout feels so disorganized and tightly packed with merch and people alike,” @DerasmoAndrew77 said.

Disney Springs at night
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“WoD ultimately depresses me. That was my favorite store (the atmosphere, the decor, etc.) and they just modernized it. All of Disney Springs/Downtown Disney is just underwhelming and feels like your local glorified strip mall. It’s no longer unique like it used to be. It’s sad,” @itskatexo_ summarized.

While Disney Springs can still be a relaxing way to wind down compared to the parks, it’s definitely changed its direction in recent years that almost makes it unenjoyable for guests. Several comments mentioned it being great for locals to go and grab a bite to eat, but as it slowly converts into a more “modern” outlet mall type space, it’s easy to see why it’s being passed over by guests looking for something distinctly Disney.

Have you been to Disney Springs recently? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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