Mass Passholder Exodus After New Program Fails at Disney Resort

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Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris, lit up for Pride

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This Disney Resort is not doing so great these days. The park has been struggling with finances and now, a mass exodus of its pass holders after a new program failed to launch successfully.

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Disneyland Paris – What’s Going On at This Disney Resort?

Disneyland Paris resumed its sale of Annual Passes a few days ago. The Disney Resort fleshed out a new program for its pass holders to give them more options, better results, and incentives. At least, that was the hope of DLP. The new options for pass holders launched sometime in early July have been a total disaster as the new lineup of passes has increased exponentially in price.

The price increase also came with the removal of several Passholder benefits that, included the following:

  • Free luggage store
  • Pushchair hire
  • Wheelchair hire
  • Kennel access
  • The VIP viewing area for the parade and Disney Dreams
  • and more

Many DLP pass holders were angry and upset over the price hike and changes to the overall program. Most of them took to social media to voice their concerns and opinions on prices going up in a Disney Resort already seeing financial struggle this year, despite crossing the $2.5 billion threshold earlier this year.

The front entrance to Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris had introduced a fresh guideline impacting specific Passholders, requiring them to possess a physical pass rather than relying on the digital version stored on their smartphones for park entry. As reported by DLP Report on Twitter, this change mainly affects Legacy Annual Passholders. Currently, the presentation of mobile devices as pass-proof is no longer accepted. Instead, these Passholders are required to possess a tangible pass for admission. It’s essential to heed this requirement, as failure to furnish a physical receipt upon entry will regrettably result in denied access.

But that guideline was reversed on July 22 after controversy struck the Disney Resort in the form of pass holders boycotting their admission into the Park in Paris. But that wasn’t enough, as a new photo indicates a mass exodus of pass holders.

Empty gates shown as no line for pass holders inside of Disneyland Paris
Credit: DLP Report on Twitter

DLP Report on Twitter posted the above image just a couple of days ago, showing an empty Pass holder line just 24 hours after it was announced that passes would once again be sold at the Park. With this decline in pass holders, the Disney Resort might suffer some heavy losses in terms of finances in the next quarter. If they’re going to win the hearts and minds of their pass holders again, DLP needs to bring back incentives that will keep guests renewing their passes without the fear of prices skyrocketing. An increase in annual passes is nothing new for Disney. But to jump to such a level a they did with DLP, it’s no wonder there arent any pass holders running to get in line to renew their passes or new pass holders storming the gates of Disneyland Paris.

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