Beware: Disney Lyft Driver Reported to be Compulsive Liar

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If you are visiting Disney World, you will likely experience a multitude of transportation systems, which will have you meeting a lot of different people.

On Walt Disney World property, there are multiple forms of transit for guests to use. Firstly, there is Disney bus transportation between all Disney Resorts and parks. If you need to get somewhere on Disney World property, and you are staying at a Disney Resort, the Disney bus system will have you covered.

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The monorail is one of the most iconic transportation systems, operating as a giant subway in the sky. The monorail helps bring guests in and out of Magic Kingdom, as well as EPCOT. Guests looking to go to Magic Kingdom would typically board at the Ticket and Transportation Center, or they can use the ferry option there. The monorail is also connected to Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, as well as Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

Disney World Monorail
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The newest Disney World mode of transportation is Disney’s Skyliner. The Skyliner is a gondola system that connects both EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios to the following Disney World Resorts:

  • Disney’s Pop Century Resort
  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort
  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
  • Disney’s Rivera Resort
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Disney’s Skyliner allows Guests to fly across the sky to their destination quickly and with a great view.

Guests can also take Friendship ferries between EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studio resort hotels to the parks, and there is some alternate boat. transportation to Disney Springs.

Outside of this, Disney also has a Minnie van service that works similarly to Uber or Lyft but tends to cost around $30 to $70 to use it on property, which is much higher than Uber or Lyft.

Disney recently cut the Magical Express service, which has now left guests having to fend for themselves if they do not have a rental car. Mears Connect is an option for those looking to travel to Walt Disney World Resort, as well as the classic Uber or Lyft. The two ride-share options are among the cheaper for those looking for immediate and fast service, making them a popular option.

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But, if you are not being transported by an official Disney Cast Member, you may have some weird things said to you.

One Disney guest took to Reddit to share an interesting story. Mdudz explained what they experienced when taking a Lyft ride at Walt Disney World Resort, stating, “I took a Lyft tonight from one WDW resort to another, and my Lyft driver told me a wild story. He claims to live on the WDW property. He said he’s a member of a family – one of only three – that lived on the land before Walt Disney bought it, and that continues to do so today. I suppose he could live in Golden Oak, but I doubt it. I’ve been Googling unsuccessfully, so I thought I’d check here. Does anyone know anything about this?”

One guest replied noting that there is another living area on property, which could be the answer here, “There is a very small collection of houses just north of Bay Lake on a road named Bay Court. They have been there long before Golden Oaks. I cannot confirm this, but I heard a rumor a while back that they were housing people related to Disney executives in order to have voting control over the district as the only residents. I have no idea if that’s true, but the houses are definitely there and lived in. And if you go through historical photos from Google Earth, you can see they’ve been there a very long time.”

golden oak
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In the post, it is noted that that section of housing is typically held by Disney employees, which another reader confirmed: “I suppose all previous media reports could be wrong, but the only residents of that area are on Bay Ct, and are all Disney controlled people. There are people that were hesitant to sell, especially once it was known that Walt Disney was the one buying all the properties, but over the last 50+ years, I think all finally gave in.

With Disney controlling all public utilities and properties within the district, they could have easily taxed people out of being able to live there if they didn’t want to.

I would say you were probably being told a tall tale, but maybe not.”

The majority of people noted that this scenario seemed highly unlikely and that this Lyft driver may have been coming up with a story to seem interesting to the riders. That being said, anything is possible!

Have you ever had an interesting encounter with an Uber driver while on the property? 

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