Disney Just Cut a Marvel Department in Half

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The Walt Disney Company is not letting up when it comes to slashing budgets and just laid off half the employees of an entire department of Marvel Studios.

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Just a few months ago, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that 7,000 employees were being cut from the various branches of the company in an attempt to shore up losses in any way possible. Marvel already saw its own share of lay-offs, but it turns out that Disney has not stopped looking for anything (or anyone) it can jettison to become more profit-minded.

This time, it turns out that Marvel Studios’ podcast division, which was responsible for making original audio content like Marvel’s Wastelanders and companion series like The Official Black Panther Podcast and Marvel’s Voices was the casualty.

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Per a report in The Verge, the very modest six-person staff at the Marvel podcast unit was cut in half, with three employees being fired, reportedly for no specific reason. While this may not be the largest amount of employees cut by Disney, it is significant that the parent company does not seem to have much interest in the continuing operation of an entire form of media for Marvel.

It appears that Disney’s attitude to audio-only content is pretty indifferent, with multiple layoffs in the podcasts division for National Geographic, ESPN Radio, and ABC Audio. An anonymous member of the Marvel podcast team said, “Watching the audio industry implode this past year has been gut wrenching. So many of my former public radio colleagues, and those working in the private sector lost their jobs. I wasn’t entirely surprised Disney decided to follow suit.”

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It cannot be great for the morale of teams within Marvel Studios to be fully expecting to be cut by their parent company at any time. It also is reminiscent of the reported chaos within the Disney General Entertainment Content division (which handles traditional TV like the Disney Channel) when Bob Iger casually revealed in an interview that he viewed their business as a “broken model.”

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At the moment, Bob Iger seems to be doing everything he can to break down Disney into component pieces that are as profitable as possible, as long as they are streaming TV that can be sold to a partner. That likely means even more layoffs in the future.

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