Disney Moves Forward With Drastic Layoffs, Fires Employees on The Spot

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According to an ex-employee, the Disney layoffs seem to be continuing. The quiet firing process started with an innocent Zoom meeting.

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New Layoffs at Disney Startle Ex-Staffer

An individual on Reddit took to the internet in confusion, “Did anyone else get randomly called into a Zoom meeting this week and get laid off? … or was it just me? (…).

Quick to the defense of the ex-Disney employee, many expressed an understanding that everyone had been cleared after the last round of Disney layoffs. So what was Disney’s response? Per the fired party, “Well the way the industry is currently, etc. (…)”

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Speculation About Disney Firing Employees

Just as quick to react to the situation are the legions of Disney Park and Disney Entertainment supporters. The terminated individual worked in “talent relations.” They were not immune to Disney layoffs. It’s left many wondering about what this indicates regarding the current state of employees in the production industry, particularly the Walt Disney Company.

The ex-staffer at Disney worked remotely but did international work on National Geographic and Disney Plus. Some were quick to blame CEO Bob Iger for the current situation. Others postulated that it resulted from the rumors of an Apple Disney purchase. Either situation leaves Disney employees unsure of their position, especially after the 7000 jobs that were cut previously.

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Disney Layoffs Impact Massive Number of Households

Some joked about the Disney staff cuts, saying that “If my DIS stock is any indication, I bet there will be more.” And with the sheer volume of issues from Disney World to streaming wars to CEO Bob Iger to the layoffs of many a thousand employees, it creates an awkward situation.

The quiet firing leaves theme parks visitors and Disney entertainment fans in an awkward position. Support Disney during the centennial or back the workers amidst the job eliminations. These impact the very real livelihoods of over 1.5 million individuals.

With ongoing lawsuits, a Russia problem, and DeSantis effectively waging war against Disney, many fear there are more layoffs to come. The fact that Disney Entertainment is continuing with its cuts leaves many wondering about the future of Walt Disney.

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