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You don’t always get to stay in a luxury, onsite Disney hotel as Disney guests. But when you do, you expect the price to be high, but not as high as the pricing for the coming months. Plan accordingly, as this price surge could impact your next Disney vacation. Let’s get into it.

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Disneyland Resort – Coronavirus Cases on the Rise Again? What Disney Guests Need To Know

Disneyland Resort could see an indefinite closure if these COVID-19 variant cases keep rising. Already around California, businesses and schools have reinstated mask mandates and 2020 COVID policies as flu season is on the horizon. A new report indicates that there could be a “tripledemic,” which could lead to the theme park closing its doors for an indefinite amount of time.

Health experts are calling for communities to band together again, not to have another pandemic on our hands, similar to what occurred in 2020. We all know what happened around the world in 2020 when the pandemic caused the shutdown of the world as a whole, including major theme parks like Disneyland. This past March marked the third anniversary of the closing of Disney Parks, which resulted in Disneyland shutting down from March 12 through April 30, 2020.

Aside from health scares in and around Disneyland, a significant price surge could impact your upcoming trip to Disneyland. Depending on where you and your budget stand, these prices have skyrocketed and could determine whether you will stay home this fall.

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Steep Price Hike in Onsite Resort Could Be Due to Several Different Factors

A guest recently posted to Twitter with the following information:

There is absolutely ZERO world where this makes sense btw

– @Caitiebear13 on Twitter

The above user took a screenshot of some pricing options for Disneyland Resort hotels for October, specifically a weekend stay of one day, according to the comment section, the person used to respond to others asking about the above pricing. Still, those prices are massive compared to other options around the theme park. There is a special magic to staying on property, but for prices like that, it might be best for you, the guest, to book at a nearby hotel affiliated with Disneyland that will only be a short drive or a walk to the parks.

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There are some theories as to why these prices are so steep. Unlike Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, Disneyland only has a few resorts to offer to its guests looking to stay on property. This means prices like these, even in the off-season, will be high for most individuals looking for a little comfort stay while visiting Anaheim, California. Another reason behind these price surges might be the Oogie Boogie Bash Halloween Party occurring on select nights from September through October. Sadly, according to the official Disneyland webpage, this event is completely sold out.

For folks looking to book their Disneyland vacation from now through the holiday season, it might be best to plan ahead of time and do your research more thoroughly because if you’re planning on staying on the property, it might be best to be prepared to pay an arm and a leg as the prices shown above will not budge by much in the coming months. This price hike is likely here to stay, so make sure you are planning by digging into alternatives to staying on Disneyland property for you and your loved ones.

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