COVID Cases on the Rise, Disneyland Could Face Indefinite Closure

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The COVID-19 virus layered on top of the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Resort

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With a recent uptick in COVID cases hitting the Los Angeles area, it might only be a matter of time before a possible extended closure returns to Disneyland. ABC7 in L.A. is reporting a massive uptick in cases, causing a resurgence in pandemic numbers.

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Disneyland – Everything Happening Right Now, Including a Spike in COVID Cases

Some big things are happening inside of Disneyland Resort in California. As announced in a press release just moments ago, Disneyland is eliminating the possibility of guests enjoying early entry to both parks starting in 2024. This is a big surprise to many as a change could cause the positive guest experience to dwindle over time, leading to fewer people in the parks. Almost one week later, Tropical Storm Hilary struck Southern California, leading to flooding, power outages, and more. Disneyland announced they would monitor the situation and remain open to all guests.

But in a follow-up update, the Disney Resort decided to close things down two hours early to keep guests safe from the storm. However, a TikTok video caught an evacuation on film as guests were told to leave the park without warning. In another video, just 24 hours after the parks reopened following Tropical Storm Hilary, hordes of guests were seen taking up the entire Main Street, U.S.A., U.S.A. U.S.A. entrance, blocking the path for guests to exit the park.

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But aside from this recent news, some bad news is happening now: the rise of COVID cases in Los Angeles, which borders Disneyland by less than 30 miles. A new report indicates that there could be a “tripledemic,” which could lead to the theme park closing its doors for an indefinite amount of time. Here’s what you need to know.

A Disneyland Cast Member stands by a COVID health and safety sign, wearing a face mask and showing off the Disneyland rules.
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Significant Uptick in COVID Cases Leading to a “Tripledemic,” Experts Say

According to ABC7, as schools return and vacation goers increase before and after Labor Day weekend, health officials warn folks of a possible “tripledemic” that could disrupt everything again like it did in 2020. L.A. County health officials already require significant corporations and businesses like Lionsgate to mask up in parts of their offices. This comes after doctors reported a significant uptick in cases recently. Here’s what Dr. David Bronstein, a Pediatric infectious disease specialist with Kaiser Permanente, had to say about this matter:

COVID hasn’t gone anywhere. We’re seeing another uptick right now. It almost feels like a surge from my perspective where I’m working, We very well may have another tripledemic. I think that’s what we’re bracing ourselves for right now. We haven’t had a new COVID vaccine for a while. This is going to be updated to cover the strains that we know are circulating right now.

– Dr. David Bronstein, Pediatric infectious disease specialist with Kaiser Permanente in Antelope Valley

With hundreds of people hospitalized again and hundreds of cases being reported throughout Los Angeles and Anaheim, it could only be a matter of time before Disneyland steps in to require masks, social distancing, or the indefinite closure of the parks until things settle down. A new COVID-19 vaccine to combat the virus and its variety of new strains is being released to the general public for flu season, which will be released in September or early October.

We all know what happened around the world in 2020 when the pandemic caused the shutdown of the entire world, including major theme parks like Disneyland. This March marked the third anniversary of the closing of Disney Parks, which resulted in Disneyland shutting down from March 12 through April 30, 2020. However, this uptick in cases might not lead to the closure of the parks; it’s best to always prepare for the worst but expect the best. In this instance, it would be for sick folks to stay home and healthy folks to be cautious and courteous of others while visiting these Disney Resorts.

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