Disney Resort Officially Reopens, Massive Crowds Block Entrance

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photos from a TikTok video showing large amounts of people blocking the front entrance to Disneyland Resort

Credit: @pinaatronn on TikTok

A recently released social media video shows the massive number of people who have returned to Disneyland just 24 hours after Tropical Storm Hilary passed through, leading to evacuations, closures, and more.

Disney Characters posing in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle
Credit: Disney

Disneyland Resort, Southern California Gets Hit With Tropical Storm Hilary

Southern California, including Disneyland Resort, was struck by Tropical Storm Hilary last weekend, which led to record-breaking flooding, high winds, and evacuations throughout southern California, including Disneyland Resort. One guest filmed a video and posted it to social media showing a sudden evacuation inside Disneyland Resort.


I was really trying to have the whole Disneylnd in the rain experience, but the universe had other plans 🙃 #pov #disneyland #hurricanehillary #disneycaliforniaadventure #evacuatedfromatornado

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I was really trying to have the whole Disneyland in the rain experience, but the universe had other plans

– @ileanaslife on TikTok

Left: an image of Disneyland Castle at night Right: an image from a TikTok video where Mickey Mouse awakens a park guest
Credit: Inside The Magic

In other news, a Disneyland guest was trapped inside the park after they fell asleep on a bench near the exit. Luckily, Mickey Mouse was there to assist in waking this individual, which made for a heart-warming and funny video posted on social media. The ordeal happened in May of this year and began to make its way around the internet again sometime this month.

But the story here is about the masses that have returned to this Disney Resort after Tropical Storm Hilary cleared through the area.

An image showing the closed gates to Disneyland Resort
Credit: NBC

DL Closes Early, but the Masses Have Returned in Shocking Footage

Disneyland Resort did shut down early a few days back when an official statement was released online from the Resort letting guests know the park would shut down two hours early. This would likely allow guests to make it home safely following Tropical Storm Hilary making waves across southern California. Guests left, and ride wait times dropped below 5 minutes. The remaining guests who braved the storm and were not evacuated stayed in the parks to enjoy their vacation at this Disney Resort.

Disneyland returned to normal operations just 24 hours after Tropical Storm Hilary, leading to hordes of guests returning to the parks. In a shocking video, you can see just how many guests were seen inside the park waiting for what seems to be a fireworks show.


it was definitely crazy today 😖 #fyp #disney #disneyland #hurricane #themepark #disneyparks #hurricanehilary

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It was definitely crazy today

– @pinaatronn on TikTok

In the video above, you can see a large mass of people making their way through the front entrance to DL, similar to what Walt Disney World Resort has in Orlando, which is Mainstreet, U.S.A. The amount of people shown is shocking and honestly overwhelming. Just 24 hours after the storm had passed, it would appear that everyone on vacation waiting out the weather stayed at their resorts and returned to the parks yesterday. Wait times skyrocketed, and the different areas inside the parks were packed with people looking to finish their Disney trip immediately.

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