Disneyland Shuts Down With Guest Trapped Inside

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Left: an image of Disneyland Castle at night Right: an image from a TikTok video where Mickey Mouse awakens a park guest

Credit: Inside The Magic

After falling asleep on a bench, a Disneyland guest was trapped inside Disneyland Resort. Luckily, Mickey Mouse was there to save the day.

Credit: Disney

TikTok Makes a Great Place for Entertainment and News – Here’s Why

TikTok is this excellent space where people share their dance moves, do lip-syncing fun, and talk about the places they love on this planet, like the fabulous Walt Disney World Resort. But you know, there are also these videos where things get a bit heated between visitors, or they share stories about the not-so-great times they’ve had at places like Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and other big-name theme parks all over the country.

Sleeping Beauty Castle at night after the rain with pink lights and the Disney100 decorations in Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort
Credit: Ed Aguila / Inside the Magic

There’s this one story about a Disney visitor who supposedly pretended to have a disability just to skip lines for rides at WDW. Then there’s this Reddit tale where folks chat about stumbling upon unpleasant stuff like poop and puke while staying at a Disney Resort. And there’s this TikTok clip that captures the awkward moment a lady got caught cheating by her sister-in-law while her family was somewhere else in the park. She was actually at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter inside Islands of Adventure, in Hogsmeade. Crazy, right?

It’s not all downers. There’s this heartwarming story about a Disney cast member who made a pregnant lady’s day during that crazy heat wave last week. The woman shares her sweet tale over on Reddit, and you won’t believe the heartwarming responses it gets from people sharing their magical moments. In yet another heartwarming moment, Mickey Mouse was tasked with a usual action; waking a guest who slept on a bench while the entire Disneyland park closed down.

Mickey Mouse Disney100 statue with Main Street, U.S.A., and Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background at Disneyland Park
Credit: Ed Aguila / Inside the Magic

Real-Life Sleeping Beauty? Guest Gets Woken up After Falling Asleep as Disney Resort Closed Down

A TikTok video surfaced back in May of this year, showing Mickey Mouse trying to wake up what appears to be a man sleeping on a bench inside of Disneyland Resort. The park had just shut down, and the person sleeping was trapped inside. Thankfully, Mickey came to the rescue in this hilarious and adorable video below; check it out:


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It’s only 18 seconds long but still heart-warming and magical. Imagine falling asleep on a bench in Disneyland. Then imagine the entire park shutting down and you being the only guest left inside. Then imagine Mickey Mouse himself trying to wake you up. Amazing.

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