DC Penned a Beautiful Tribute to Late Harley Quinn Voice Actor Arleen Sorkin

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Joker pinching Harley Quinn's cheek in Batman: The Animated Series DC

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The DC-loving world is mourning the loss of Arleen Sorkin, who was not only the creative inspiration for Harley Quinn but also voiced the character in many shows, video games, and movies. Though many tributes have been pouring in the past few days, DC has released its own, sure to make plenty of people feel like someone is cutting onions around them.

Harley Quinn sad while being taken away by Batman and Robin
Credit: Warner Bros.

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Quinn has become a staple for the DC universe, especially after Margot Robbie came in and added another layer to the character with her portrayal in Suicide Squad (2016), Birds of Prey (2020), and The Suicide Squad (2021). Though we are unsure what James Gunn plans to do with the character in the DCU, we imagine she will be back.

Lady Gaga is set to provide a new take on Harley Quinn in Joker 2, which we are also incredibly excited about. Set photos have revealed a take on the classic costume worn in Batman: The Animated Series

Kaley Cuoco has also been delivering a hilarious take on Quinn in The Harley Quinn Show on Max, which has steadily improved every season.

Though the current superhero fan world knows Quinn from Robbie’s performances, it all began with Arleen Sorkin. The story of how the character came about is also quite interesting.

Sorkin began acting in an uncredited role in 1983’s Trading Places. This would lead her to land a recurring role on Days of Our Lives, the long-running soap opera. Based on her character from the series Calliope Jones, Batman: The Animated Series producer Paul Dini created the role of Harley Quinn for Sorkin.

Harley Quinn was only meant to be a minor character with a name like Joker’s Henchwoman. However, her performance and popularity immediately shot up, cementing her as an instant DC hit. The comic company has now paid tribute to Sorkin and her many appearances as Joker’s right-hand woman.

DC Pays Tribute to Arleen Sorkin’s Harley Quinn

Per @DCOfficial

DC is deeply saddened by the loss of Arleen Sorkin. Her voice was the first to bring Dr. Harleen Quinzel to life in Batman: The Animated Series. She reprised the role of Harley Quinn many times in animation and video games during her career. Arleen will always be part of the DC legacy and will be missed.

You could ask any Batman fan about Harley Quinn, and they will immediately refer to Batman: The Animated Series, where she debuted. No one could quite capture the role of Quinn like Arleen Sorkin did. Though she contributed the voice to TAS, she was also part of many video games that DC fans love.

One of the biggest surprises was when she was asked to reprise her role as Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham Asylum, released in 2009. DC fans were ecstatic to have the original Quinn back. Sorkin would reprise the role again for DC Universe Online (2011), released in 2011. Sorkin’s DC Universe Online would be her final time providing the voice for Harley Quinn.

Though many voice actors, and Margot Robbie, would go on to voice Harley Quinn, no one is more iconic than Arleen Sorkin. We hope that she understands how culturally significant the character is and is proud that the character was based on herself. We join the DC community and fans worldwide in mourning the loss of such an iconic actor.

Anyone who wants to marvel at how amazing Sorkin is, head to Max to view Batman: The Animated Series. The classic Batman cartoon is regarded as one of the best properties involving the Dark Knight, and that was certainly elevated by Sorkin voicing Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn with King Shark, Clayface, and Poison Ivy
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Rest in peace, Arleen Sorkin. Thank you for the years of dedication to such an important and beloved DC character.

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