D23 Fan Event Reveals Exclusive Offers on ‘Ahsoka’

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The premiere for the upcoming Ahsoka is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated projects from the Star Wars Universe. Its main hero has been a unique inclusion as she has crossed over multiple storylines while interacting with prominent Star Wars icons from the original films and prequels.

Ahsoka, Huyang, and Hera Syndulla talking to each other.
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Additionally, fans of the defected Padawan are excited that the new show will also be the long-awaited finale to Star Wars: Rebels. The series’ momentum has taken the “high ground” as a D23 exclusive multi-city fan event allowed members to preview the first two episodes, tour the series’ props and interact with the latest meet-and-greet Star Wars character.

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This premier fan event was held in Tomorrowland at the Disneyland Resort, Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World and other major metropolises like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Each venue released the first two episodes early for D23 members, as well as offered photo opportunities, a props and costume exhibition, and an early interaction with a new Star Wars meet-and-greet character.

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The limited celebration offered complimentary admission to the Disney Parks that came with a $25 Disney Gift Card. Members were then escorted to the Droid Depot at Stars Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, where they could assemble their own droid. Each Park offered different gifts with Hollywood Studios offering Ahsoka Tano’s dual lightsabers and Disneyland presented attendees with plush Ahsoka headbands.

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Guests were then offered popcorn and a beverage before their early screening of Ahsoka. Moreover, members were entertained by a DJ who presented Star Wars trivia and directed fans to the photo ops. After the screening, the night culminated with a meet-and-greet opportunity with newest addition, Ahsoka Tano.


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D23 members who could not attend the fan preview at the Parks, but the ones at the major city theaters were able to dress in costume and look at displays from real costumes and props used on the set of the new series. This particular venue also included a DJ that raffled off the chance to win Ahsoka’s lightsaber.

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Disney is renowned for their “Disney Vault” styled exclusives. They are craftily designed to galvanize the ever-important Star Wars fanbase, while demonstrating the benefits of being a D23 member. This event was able to showcase the growing excitement for the Ahsoka series while integrating her mythology into the Star Wars areas of the Disney Parks. Well played, House of Mouse.

The first two episodes of Ahsoka are set to premiere on Disney+ on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

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