‘Barbie’ Is Turning Ryan Gosling Into a Pop Star

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Ryan Gosling with short blonde hair, reminiscent of Ryan Gosling, is wearing a black headband, dark sunglasses, a fluffy white coat, and a silver necklace. The background shows colorful, vibrant scenery with pink and blue elements, suggesting a lively outdoor setting.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Barbie is currently the biggest film at the box office and has been breaking records practically every week. In even more impressive fashion, it has surpassed The Dark Knight as the biggest domestic box office hit for Warner Bros. Another new record is also taking place, one that Mattel and Warner Bros. might have never foreseen, and places Ryan Gosling on the same level as pop stars.

Barbie cast sneaks into Kenland dressed in all pink
Credit: Warner Bros.

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No one quite knew the beast that Barbie would become, especially that it would turn into one of the biggest films of 2023. It is currently at $1.2 billion worldwide, nearly passing The Super Mario Bros. Movie at $1.355 billion. Even more impressive is the Mattle product has spent the past four weekends as #1 at the box office.

We would imagine the box office gains for the film will continue to rise, though we are unsure of just how successful it will be when all is said and done. However, despite the box office haul that the film is currently enjoying, it also contains a song that is going wild on the charts.

Ryan Gosling portrays Ken in the film, and during his reflective phase, he begins to sing a song called “I’m Just Ken.” The original song devised for Barbie has been a smash hit on streaming services, launching it to the Billboard Top 100 list.

Though this is certainly not the first original song that has received this treatment, it’s starting to look like it might be a song Ryan Gosling will need to perform live at the Academy Awards.

Ryan Gosling and “I’m Just Ken” Are a Smash Hit

Ryan Gosling as Ken in Barbie, Bowser holding flowers in The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Credit: Warner Bros., Illumination

It has been revealed that Ryan Gosling singing “I’m Just Ken” is as successful as Barbie at the box office. No one quite knew how successful the film would be, and now its original song mimics that success. The song has 12.9 million monthly listeners on Spotify, surpassing hit pop stars like Jason Aldean and Phoebe Bridgers.

Even more crazy is the song has been streamed a staggering 41 million times since Wednesday. That number has likely gone up substantially and will make “I’m Ken Enough” one of the top songs of the entire year.

There is an original song category at the Academy Awards, and if the industry strikes allow the annual awards show to take place, we might see Ryan Gosling take the stage to bring home the gold for Barbie. Sadly, it will be up against Jack Black and his “Peaches” song, which is equally hilarious. Black sang the song for The Super Mario. Bros Movie while portraying Bowser. The love letter to Princess Peach will be going head-to-head against “I’m Ken Enough.”

Though we are unsure if rival songs could perform together, we would love to see Jack Black and Ryan Gosling combine their ballads, which would likely floor the audience and viewers at home.

Ryan Gosling as Ken in the Barbie Movie
Credit: Warner Bros.

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As Barbie continues to dominate the box office, “I’m Just Ken” will continue dominating streaming services in the same fashion. The hope is that Ryan Gosling will be exercising his vocal prowess to deliver a dynamic rendition live when the time comes. The Barbie hit and “Peaches” are good news for original songs, especially in hoping that hilarious tunes will land an Academy Award.

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