Public Rallies Behind Amber Heard, Leaves Johnny Depp in the Dust

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Public opinion is again turning toward Amber Heard as fans slam a makeup brand that spoke against her during last year’s Johnny Depp defamation trial.

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Amid reports that the Pirates of the Caribbean star is medically fragile and struggling to find acting roles, more and more fans believe Heard was a domestic abuse victim. The Aquaman (2018) star lost the United States defamation case over a Washington Post article in which she referred to herself as a victim of domestic abuse. But a United Kingdom magistrate judge found it not libelous or inaccurate for The Sun to refer to Depp as a “wife beater.”

Now, Milani Cosmetics is the target of Heard fans’ ire. The makeup brand publicly condemned the former L’Oréal Paris ambassador during the 2022 trial, claiming she lied about one of their products on the stand.

Amber Heard as Mera
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Heard’s attorney, Ben Rottenborn, used Milani Cosmetics’ “All In One Correcting Kit” as an example of the product the model used in 2016. The lawyer said Heard relied on a correcting kit to cover bruises from Depp’s alleged abuse.

Milani claimed Heard’s team was lying – they didn’t release the product Rottenborn referenced on the stand until 2017.

“You asked us… Let the record show that our Correcting Kit launched in 2017,” Milani said in a viral TikTok:


You asked us… let the record show that our Correcting Kit launched in 2017!👀 #milanicosmetics

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On August 26, Milani Cosmetics posted about Women’s Equality Day, leading many Heard fans to slam the brand:

Shout out to all the inspirational, powerful women in our lives! Happy Women’s Equality Day today, and everyday✊💁‍♀️💖

#milani #milanicosmetics #crueltyfree #beauty #WomensEqualityDay

“We didn’t forget y’all tried to gain clout over a DV/Defamation trial btw,” said @k1llacourt:

@DivineFeminin33 created two graphics explaining Demonstrative Evidence. The fan argued that Milani Cosmetic’s viral TikTok proved nothing about Heard because it was just a prop, not the actual corrective kit the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2013) actress used:

.@milanicosmeticsis an unethical beauty brand that needs to #apologizetoamberheard for the dog pile they encouraged on a DV survivor. #boycottmilani #DeppVHeard

Many argued that despite not testing on animals, Milani Cosmetics is not “cruelty-free” because of its actions against Heard. From @postnuclearjoan:

there’s something very sinister about companies dangling between putting on a feminist facade when it’s profitable and joining the trendiest misogyny hate campaign when it’s even more profitable. and like, all social justice movements are being hijacked by this type of company,

Milani Cosmetics did not issue a response. Instead, they hid most replies condemning their behavior. But that didn’t stop the quote replies.

“Do u remember when amber heard used a color-correcting milani palette as a court prop & y’all took her out of context to frame her as a liar AND create a space for others to laugh at her?” @femaletrag3dy asked. “Now it’s ‘happy women’s day’?? lolz.”

“When you was chiming in against amber heard during the depp trial for promotion of your cheap *ss makeup was that for women’s equality?” @computercart wrote.

“This brand has no shame, they deliberately took part in the harassment of a violence survivor, they don’t care about women, they shame and harrass female survivors,” said @astrofemina.

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