OpEd: ‘Ahsoka’ Gets Right What ‘Andor’ Got Wrong About ‘Star Wars’

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Ahsoka next to Andor

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Ahsoka is the most recent entry into the Star Wars saga, and it’s thrilling to see Dave Filoni’s world come to life in full live-action glory, and for the first time since Obi-Wan Kenobi, fans have a Star Wars spinoff that feels like it’s back in the right galaxy again.

Diego Luna Andor
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Before Ahsoka’s release, one of the hottest series on Disney+ was Andor, the thrilling prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. As much as viewers enjoyed this foray into the seedy underbelly of the galaxy far, far away, it didn’t exactly match what many wanted out of something from Star Wars.

Ahsoka Over Andor

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano in 'Ahsoka'
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For the record, comparing the two series might be like apples and oranges on some fronts, but they are both sides of the same Star Wars timeline. Years, wars, and themes separate them, but they still represent the same franchise… sort of.

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One of the most significant issues some fans, this writer included, had with Andor was that it didn’t feel like the galaxy we’ve been watching for decades. The world of Cassian Andor felt dirty, corrupt, and indistinguishable from something like Blade Runner, Dune, or Firefly. 

Yularen talking to the ISB
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While it’s true that Andor takes place during the height of the Empire’s power, it still feels entirely too militaristic and bleak compared to what most viewers are used to. Granted, that’s the point of the setting, but it doesn’t necessarily give fans what they want from the franchise.

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Cassian Andor’s character arc and involvement with the birth of the Rebellion is a tale of espionage, suspense, and political intrigue. Still, it’s lax on the spaceships, battles, strange alien worlds, and other tropes fans have come to expect from Star WarsLeave it to Dave Filoni to remind viewers why we want to escape to another galaxy.

Filoni posed with Prof. Huyang
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As seen with Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, Filoni has cast a new vision in the realm of Jedi, Sith, and Starfighters. While multiple familiar elements are present, it’s still a different side of the same galaxy. Fan service aside, it gives more of what both seasoned and new fans want when they hear the name “Star Wars.”

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Lightsaber duels, droids, aliens, and the ongoing battle between good and evil that’s what Star Wars has always been about. While Andor has a following, Ahsoka is the palate cleanser and welcome mat to a familiar territory. Either way, it’s definitely the galaxy we want to live in.

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