‘TMNT’ Joins Marvel by Creating Its Own Cinematic Universe

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Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo looking surprised in 'Mutant Mayhem'

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Paramount will be banking on the new TMNT movie, as the studio has officially announced a cinematic universe is in the works. We initially reported the rumors about the universe in June, though a series had only been announced, and its connection to the TMNT: Mutant Mayhem movie was unknown. The full details of the universe have now been shared.

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TMNT has gone through many iterations through the years, but Seth Rogen is now in the producer’s seat for the new direction of the turtles, which is set to explore the downfalls of mutants and being a teenager. We were lucky enough to sit in on the Mutant Mayhem panel at San Deigo Comic-Con, which revealed a staggering 20 minutes of the film.

From what we saw, Rogen and director Jeff Rowe made something special. For the first time, the turtles feel far more relatable in that they are finally all teenagers. They are teenagers in the film and are voiced by literal teenagers. Their plight to be seen by the world drives the drama of the new story and how they hope that New Yorkers will accept them.

Simply put, the film can be hilarious and emotional in a way that has not yet been explored. The excitement for the new TMNT is palpable, as the early reviews for the film have all been stellar. Paramount sees the value of the film as it has announced a new cinematic universe.

‘TMNT: Mutant Mayhem’ Will Get Its Own Cinematic Universe

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The TMNT is a beloved franchise that can be lucrative in terms of monetary gains from the film landing in theaters and the possibility of merchandise related to the franchise’s heroes. On top of the upcoming reboot for the franchise, additional projects will be completed in the form of a new series and sequel film. Jeff Rowe, the writer and director of Mutant Mayhem, will be returning to direct the sequel.

Paramount also announced that the new series called Tales of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will arrive on Paramount+ and has already been greenlit for two seasons. This show will serve as a “bridge” between the first film and the sequel.

Per Variety, the synopsis of the series is as follows, “the Turtles will be challenged like never before as Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey each go it alone for the first time. Faced with new threats and teaming up with old allies, the Turtles will discover who they really are when they don’t have their brothers at their sides.”

This series will continue the story of the Turtles and showcase them breaking up to conquer life solo. It will be interesting to see how this dynamic is explored in the upcoming film.

TMNT: Mutant Mayhem will follow Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey as they attempt to be accepted by society through accomplishing good deeds and being heroes. Micah Abbey, Shamon Brown Jr., Nicolas Cantu, and Brady Noon star in the film as the four Turtles and will reprise their roles for the upcoming series and sequel film.

Though the TMNT have always had Shredder to deal with, he will not be the villain of the upcoming reboot film. Instead, the Turtles will face off against Super Fly (Ice Cube) and a bevy of transformed mutants after coming into contact with the Ooze. We imagine that Shredder could appear at Mutant Mayhem’s end or in the series. Either way, it’s exciting that this reboot is gaining so much traction.

Paramount Adds More ‘TMNT’ Content

Paramount is also doubling its efforts to combine the old and new franchise directions, as Mutant Mayhem pays homage to its predecessors with callbacks and cameos (we hope). On top of pulling inspiration from past TMNT properties, the studio also announced that it has worked with Nickelodeon to secure the rights to the original animated series, which will also land on Paramount+ next year.

original tmnt cartoon
Credit: Paramount

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There will be TMNT content for the foreseeable future for franchise fans, which is fine by us.

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