James Gunn’s First DCU Film Won’t Copy Current Box Office Failures

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James Gunn is set to start his massive DC reset next year. However, before he can reveal Superman: Legacy to the world, one DCU film will start things off: Blue Beetle. Though Gunn has been rather confusing regarding if Blue Beetle will exist in his new universe (more on this later), the new DC venture will not be copying the most recent box office bombs.

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Blue Beetle might be one of the lesser-known DC heroes, but that has always been Gunn’s favorite aspect of superhero properties. If there is anyone who knows how to bring obscure heroes into the limelight, it’s him. However, Gunn did not have anything to do with the creation of this film, but he allowed it to remain in the great purge that took place, which wiped out all existence of the DCEU.

Though Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and presumably Ben Affleck have all said their goodbyes to DC, films like Shazam 2, The Flash, and Aquaman 2 have been allowed to move forward. This move might now feel wrong, as Shazam 2 and The Flash bombed utterly at the box office. The Flash now boasts the embarrassing record of being the biggest box office bomb in superhero history.

Though Gunn could not have predicted this would happen, he did seem rather noncommital about if Ezra Miller would be hanging around to reprise their role of Barry Allen, we imagine The Flash will be a “one-and-done” affair.

Zachary Levi also tried to pitch his way into a third Shazam film, which will likely not happen. Though he might have a good idea, it is time for the DCU to do something different, and it appears Blue Beetle will be different.

‘Blue Beetle’ is Not About Saving the World

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Director of Blue Beetle, Angel Manuel Soto, revealed what will set his film apart from DC films of the past. Most of the time, when you get a superhero film, it is about the greater good and these heroes saving the world from certain destruction. However, that is why we think James Gunn is more excited about this upcoming DCU entry, as it goes against the grain of the genre. According to Soto:

“We want to invite people into Jaime’s experience, into the Reyes’ family home and their environment. We aren’t dealing with an alien invasion that’s going to take over the whole world, or a monster that’s going to destroy the city. This is a movie about issues that not only Jaime faces, but the whole Reyes family, and greater Palmera City. All of us can relate to their struggle.”

If this formula sounds familiar, you might already see the similarities between Soto’s direction and how James Gunn laid out the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Those Marvel films worked so well because they did exist in the MCU, but the Guardians dealt with their own threats that existed in their own realm.

Blue Beetle can succeed if it remains a more condensed story that showcases Xolo Maridueña’s Jamie Reyes dealing with this blue scarab attaching to his body and figuring out what to do with this power. Uncle Ben famously said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Jamie Reyes’s world will be rocked when he becomes the Blue Beetle and has to protect his family against those trying to track down the scarab that has chosen him as its host. Soto is pushing back against most other superhero films, which could work out in his favor.

Soto has also revealed that he hopes the Blue Beetle entry will lead to a trilogy so that the story of Jamie Reyes can be told how he envisions it. However, with the current state of DC, we imagine James Gunn will also wait and see if people like this film.

Going back to the reference in the first paragraph of this piece, Gunn confused everyone with his statement about Blue Beetle. He did state that Blue Beetle is “the first DCU character,” but “Superman: Legacy is the first DCU movie.” That is wildly confusing. Does this mean that Jamie Reyes will see his first solo adventure become a setup film for future appearances? The Blue Beetle character is strong allies with Booster Gold, who is getting a series in the DCU.

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Could it be that Blue Beetle and Booster Gold will be shown together in the film, setting up their series? That is a strong possibility. Either way, Gunn has allowed this first DCU character to move forward, meaning he sees the value in allowing this character to exist in his new DC reset. We hope it does not bomb in the same way as its predecessors, or DC might just lose all credibility.

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