Disney Cast Members Attacked For “Scabbing” During Actors Strike

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Mickey as the Phantom

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Disney Cast Members are arguably the most essential part of making a Disney Parks experience completely magical. However, some Twitter users have begun attacking Park employees who worked the Haunted Mansion (2023) premiere at Disneyland, calling them “scabs.” These people couldn’t be more wrong.

haunted mansion cast at disneyland
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Whether you’re at Disneyland Paris or the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort, there is at least one Cast Member who has made your day. In the big machine that is a Disney Park, Cast Members are the most crucial part, ensuring everything runs smoothly for Guests.

Unfortunately, they have become the subject of criticism recently for working the Haunted Mansion premiere event at Disneyland. Since none of the cast could make the premiere due to the Actors Strike, the Walt Disney Company utilized face characters to make the event feel magical. However, Twitter commenters have taken to calling these workers “scabs” since they’re working a film premiere during the Hollywood Strikes. And frankly, these people are entirely wrong.

Disney Cast Members Called “Scabs” For Working ‘Haunted Mansion’ Premiere

Disney Cast Members as The Bride and Tightrope Walker from The Haunted Mansion
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Instead of having the stars of Haunted Mansion attend the premiere, multiple Face Characters walked the red carpet, including the Evil Queen, Maleficent, Mickey and Minnie in spooky attire, and two characters from the Haunted Mansion ride: the bride and the tightrope walker. And they each did an excellent job.

Coverage of the event led to many Twitter users commenting that these Cast Members were scabs for working during the Actors Strike. Fortunately, many more commenters swooped in to defend them, mainly noting that they’re not members of SAG-AFTRA, the actors union, and that they aren’t technically considered actors. They’re Theme Park employees.

While one user pointed out that they’re not even performing on a screen, another made sure to note that Disney Cast Members who play face characters are not part of any union, meaning that they are contractually obligated to work the dates they are scheduled. Some of these Cast members probably didn’t even know they were working the event until that day.

In the end, a scab is anyone who crosses a picket line to undermine the strike’s message and work directly against the union. None of the Disneyland Cast Members did this; instead just worked a regular shift at work that is not a part of SAG-AFTRA or any other union related to the film industry. These people are working a job the same way someone in an office is, so everyone calling them out needs to back off.

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