Rare $15k TRON Arcade Cabinet Saved From Garbage Truck

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Tron is one of the most iconic movies of the 1980s, a groundbreaking fusion of live-action and computer animation that set the stage for special effects for decades to come. The movie also spawned a series of video games, including the Tron arcade cabinet, widely considered the most beautiful design ever, and a follow-up, The Discs of Tron.

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The original Tron arcade cabinet was released in 1982 by Bally Midway and featured four games based on scenes from the movie: Light Cycles, Grid Bugs, Battle Tanks, and MCP Cone. The cabinet was designed by George Gomez, who wanted to create a futuristic and immersive experience for the players. To achieve this effect, he used black light reflective inks, light-up panels, a light-up marquee, and a light-up flight stick.

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According to Gomez, he was inspired by the movie’s visuals and wanted to “make the game look like it was part of the movie.” He also said he “wanted to make the player feel like they were in the world of Tron.” He added that he “wanted to make the game as simple as possible so that anyone could play it.”

An Original Image for the Game via Arcade Blogger / Bally Midway

The Tron arcade cabinet was a huge success, earning over $45 million in its first year. It also won the “Coin-Operated Game of the Year” award by Electronic Games magazine. The game was followed by a sequel, Discs of Tron, which focused on the disc combat scene from the movie. The game was released as an ‘environmental’ cabinet designed to immerse the player in the grid with surround sound and black lights. Released in 1983, it was felt that Discs of Tron could stand on its own and is more rare than the original.

Both Tron and the Discs of Tron arcade cabinets are rare and valuable pieces of video game and cinematic history, wanted by both fans of classic arcades and movie buffs. Many have been lost or damaged over time, making them hard to find and expensive to buy. One lucky collector recently found an environmental Discs of Tron cabinet on the side of the road and restored it to its original glory.

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A recent blog from The Arcade Blogger wrote about his friend Tim Lapetino’s incredible discovery. Tim said his niece mentioned passing “something Tron” in the neighborhood and took Tim to see what was, in fact, a complete environmental Discs of Tron cabinet, which he described as “one of the holy grails of arcade collecting.”

Apparently, the cabinet was too big for the garbage truck, but Tim managed to get it for free from the owner, who wouldn’t comment on the cabinet’s history. Tim, his brother, and a collector friend, then discovered the game was fully operational and in great working order. We love that for them… we’re not jealous at all… seriously…

This Arcade1Up Tron Home Cabinet anchors a shrine to Tron. Photo: Brian Walton

However, not everyone has the space, money, or luck to own a commercial Tron arcade cabinet. That’s why Arcade1Up has created a Tron home arcade cabinet, one of the most requested by hardcore retrogamers. Arcade1Up is a company that produces replica arcade cabinets that are smaller, cheaper, and easier to assemble than the original ones. They also include multiple games in one cabinet and have modern features like LCD screens and Wi-Fi-enabled leaderboards.

The Arcade1Up Tron home arcade cabinet stays true to what made the game such a draw in 1982, right down to its signature inner-lit blue joystick. It also includes both Tron and Discs of Tron games so that you can enjoy both movie-based titles from a single cabinet. With its beautifully vibrant cabinet artwork, along with matching riser, stool, and crisp display graphics, the Arcade1Up Tron home arcade cabinet is an icon of ’80s culture and a stunning addition to your home.

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You can buy the Arcade1Up Tron home arcade cabinet from various online retailers like Amazon, Target, or Best Buy. It costs around $700 USD, which is much more affordable than an original Tron arcade cabinet, which can go for thousands of dollars on eBay or other auction sites. The Arcade1Up Tron home arcade cabinet is also easier to set up and maintain than an original one, as it does not require any special wiring or technical skills. Or a high-functioning laser beam to zap you into a digital world.

If you are a fan of Tron or retro gaming in general, you will love the Arcade1Up Tron home arcade cabinet. It is a great way to relive the nostalgia of playing one of the most innovative and visually stunning games of all time. It is also a great way to introduce your family and friends to the world of Tron.

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What’s your favorite Tron game? Let us know in the comments below!

Please note that this article contains affiliate links. By purchasing through these links, you support the creation of content like this.

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