Channing Tatum Reportedly Joining the MCU, Completed Filming for Upcoming Movie

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Deadpool giving thumbs up, lying in front of Channing Tatum as Mike Lane (Magic Mike)

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An unprecedented new recruit to the MCU world is debuting sooner than expected!

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Credit: Marvel Studios / 20th Century Studios

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For more than ten years, under the leadership of President Kevin Feige, The Walt Disney Company has maintained ownership of Marvel Studios, which includes the immensely popular Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This acquisition came at an astonishing price of $4 billion, solidifying Disney’s position in the entertainment industry. A pivotal moment for the studio was the introduction of the iconic character Tony Stark/Iron Man, portrayed by the talented Robert Downey Jr., in the 2008 blockbuster film bearing the same name. The subsequent release of The Avengers in 2012 further established the original six Avengers as modern legends. However, the culmination of this epic narrative known as the Infinity Saga, occurred during Phase Three, with the unforgettable cinematic events crafted by the Russo brothers, Anthony and Joe Russo — Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019).

Deadpool 3 Ryan Reynolds Hugh Jackman Update
Credit: Ryan Reynolds on YouTube

A while back, Marvel Studios made a significant announcement that caught the attention of fans worldwide. They revealed exciting news about the highly anticipated third installment of the Deadpool film series — appropriately titled Deadpool 3 — though what surprised many was the revelation that this new film would be integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This decision came after much fan rumors and speculation, seeing as The Walt Disney Company acquired 20th Century Fox, now known as 20th Century Studios, which the Deadpool series was under — already part of the Fox X-Men Universe. The announcement itself was made by the talented actor Ryan Reynolds (Free Guy), who portrays the fan-favorite character, Deadpool/Wade Wilson. To add to the excitement, Reynolds shared this revelation alongside his “frenemy” Hugh Jackman, widely known for his portrayal of Wolverine/Logan in the same X-Men Universe.

With this announcement, it was confirmed that both Deadpool and Wolverine would finally make their highly anticipated MCU debut, in a brand new Shawn Levy-directed Deadpool film.

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Colossus
Credit: Marvel Studios / 20th Century Studios

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The Deadpool series already included many well-known (and lesser-known) X-Men members, with previous instalments featuring Colossus (played by Stefan Kapičić) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (played by Brianna Hildebrand), as well as cameos from Nicholas Hoult as Beast/Hank McCoy, and Evan Peters as Quicksilver/Peter Maximoff.

More recently, it was also revealed via insider sources within Marvel and the industry that other prominent and beloved members of the X-Men film series based on the Marvel Comics of the same name, that made waves in the 2000s, would re-debut in the new Deadpool 3. This marks the (alleged) official silver screen return for Halle Berry’s Storm, Famke Janssen’s Jean Gray and James Marsden’s Cyclops — but now a whole new hero is set to join the superhero team!

The importance of X-Men in Marvel

X-Men cast
Credit: Marvel Studios / 20th Century Studios

Under Fox’s ownership, the X-Men franchise had a substantial presence, spanning numerous movies and television shows. Within the previous Fox X-Men Universe and starting with 2000’s X-Men, notable actors such as Patrick Stewart portrayed the iconic character of Professor Charles Xavier, also known as “Professor X” (Stewart even reprised this role in the MCU-based Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness released in 2022). Additionally, Hugh Jackman left an indelible mark as Logan/Wolverine, while Ian McKellen portrayed the complex character Erik Lehnsherr, also known as Magneto.

James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' (2014)
Credit: 20th Century Fox Studios

In terms of story — the X-Men being in the MCU means that Mutants are a-go in this universe. The Mutants in Marvel are vital, being individuals born with superhuman abilities as a result of a genetic mutation, and the inheritance of a special Mutant gene, and play a key role in world of Marvel.

Seeing as the X-Men-centric element of Adamantium from the Marvel Comics — the iconic metal that’s been infused into Wolverine/Logan/James Howlett’s (Hugh Jackman) skeleton (and character-defining claws) — is set to play a major role in upcoming MCU films like Captain America: Brand New World (2024) (previously titled Captain America: New World Order), and Marvel has a whole MCU-based X-Men film planned for the near future, right before Avengers 6, Avengers: Secret Wars.

Who is Channing Tatum going to play in the MCU?

Marvel Studios source My Time To Shine Hello recently revealed via an Instagram post that the Magic Mike series star has already completed filming for his part in the much-anticipated Deadpool 3 movie:

Channing Tatum has already filmed a cameo as Gambit for Deadpool 3

gambit in marvel comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Gambit, also known as Remy LeBeau, is a fictional character in the X-Men comics and associated media. He was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Jim Lee and made his first appearance in 1990. Gambit is a Mutant with the ability to manipulate and charge objects with kinetic energy, typically using playing cards as his weapon of choice.

It seems like Channing Tatum could be a good choice for the irreverent humor of Deadpool 3, seeing as he starred in well-received comedic films like 21 Jump Street (2012) and sequel 22 Jump Street (2014). Only time will tell!

What do you think about this casting of Channing Tatum for X-Men‘s Gambit in the MCU? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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