‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ 35th Anniversary has New Pin and Merch Available

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit by Touchstone Pictures turns 35-years-old June 22. As the hallmark celebration has been drawing closer, Disney has been commemorating the milestone with a limited release anniversary pin. It is a pin-on pin design that features the main character Roger Rabbit and his femme fatale wife, Jessica Rabbit. It is an enameled cloisonné with a nickel finish that comes on a Disney Pins custom card. Roger Rabbit fans are recommended to P-p-please acquire this piece of Disney history before it sells out.

Photo Credit: Disney

In addition, new reprints of Super7 Reaction Roger Rabbit action figures will be available for pre-order. Each figure features major characters from the groundbreaking film which include items that are callbacks to the story itself. For example, Roger (voiced by Charles Fleischer) is featured with a shackle as a reference to what sets the story in motion. Jessica Rabbit (voiced by Kathleen Turner) comes with a frying pan with Roger Rabbit’s face at the bottom of it to show their love/hate relationship.

Photo Credit: Disney/Super7 Reaction Toys

The Roger Rabbit villains will get their own figures as well. Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd), the main villain determined to chemically wipe out the world of Toons features one of his toon victims. Doom’s henchmen, the cartoon weasels, Smarty (David L. Lander) and Stupid (Fred Newman) are also available to order.

This 1988 film noir-style comedy that was directed by the legendary Robert Zemeckis was the second highest-grossing pictures of its year. It is ranked one of the top 25 animated films of all time. It also received more Oscar nominations than any other animated features at the time. Moreover, it continues to have a devoted following due to its revolutionary process of melding of live-action with traditional 2D animation called ‘rotoscoping.’ It featured: an intricate plot, strong female characters, risqué humor,  unheard-of self-awareness of its parody for the family-friendly genre and lastly, a partnership between two major animated icons — Disney’s Mickey Mouse and WB’s Bugs Bunny.

Photo Credit: Disney/Touchstone Pictures

If the itch to view or rewatch the groundbreaking classic comes to the fray, there will be multiple fan screenings available all over the country. Currently, there are screenings in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Who Framed Roger Rabbit was an innovative piece of cinematic art that inspired and transcended what was capable with the medium. It is unlikely that it will be repeated, but its impact, merchandise, and Disneyland attraction can still be enjoyed by all generations.

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