Universal Orlando Sees Monstrous ‘Harry Potter’ Trend

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Monstrous Harry Potter trend

Credit: Universal Studios

Universal Orlando is seeing a monstrous Harry Potter trend, and it comes in a cute yet somewhat shocking form.

boy dressed as Harry potter waves wand while mom watches as Monstrous Harry Potter trend comes to Orlando
Credit: Universal Studios

It’s been smooth sailing for Harry Potter enthusiasts in Orlando, with the resort offering two separate fantastical lands. The theme park is certainly doubling down on its efforts to cater to Harry Potter fans. There are plans in the works to create Epic Universe, a further expansion of the franchise, in 2025.

And what’s the best way to celebrate the buzz and excitement? Well, a monstrous Harry Potter craft trend seems to be doing the trick.

The magic of the series lies in its wondrous, fantastical features, from wonderful witches to horrendous monsters. Fans of Hagrid likely remember the classic scene of the snapping and snarling book, gifted to Harry.

Now those fans awaiting the new attractions are creating that same magic, with a little less danger. The good news? it’s a whole lot cuter than the original. The bad news?
The monstrous Harry Potter addition isn’t a book like the ones fans know. It’s actually a trend of making Harry Potter-inspired puppets.

Flipping the script, the idea is to turn a monstrous Harry Potter idea into a harmless puppet, so fans can control the beast.

According to a spokesperson from Universal Orlando, there is a new souvenir that’s a plush version of the iconic book. However, it’s only available at the shop store or over the phone, not online.

The issue is that many unlicensed, maybe unsafe, and certainly unofficial, attempts present some serious IP risk to Disney.

Monstrous Harry Potter trend of imitating Monster Book of Monsters
Credit: Universal Studios

The best way to experience Harry Potter magic is to attend its official attractions and seek out its official merch. Disney and Universal Studios have a strong history of protecting their intellectual property.

Without it, we wouldn’t have the beloved Hogwarts or the uniform music that’s iconic in the franchise.

So where does a trend stop being funny and start to become a problem? It varies in every case. But while there’s no harm in creating a little craft at home, there is harm in passing it off as official. Cute new puppet is definitely worth a trip to the Universal Studios gift shop, especially since you then know it’s the real deal.

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