Guests Stuck Aboard Universal Studios Coaster in Terrifying Incident

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Guests stuck upside down on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

Credit: u/Clarknbruce via Reddit

One of Universal Florida’s most thrilling attractions broke down recently, leaving Guests in a scary predicament.

Universal Studio Orlando
Credit: Universal Studios Orlando

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Guests visiting the Universal Orlando Resort are in for a wild time. With tons of classic experiences as well as a few incredibly-thrilling rides, there’s always something fun hiding behind every corner at both Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

There are several attractions that are tailored toward adrenaline junkies at both of these theme parks. Of course, the newest additions to the Orlando Resort are Jurassic World Velocicoaster and Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, both of which are considered some of the best theme park rides in the country.

However, one of the most exciting rides at Universal Orlando has been operating since 2009.

Credit: Universal

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Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket is an iconic part of the Oaldno Resort, towering over Guests as they make their way through the Universal Studios Florida Park.

“This towering coaster offers a musical twist: As you strap in, you’ll pick the song you want to hear above your own shrieks.” Unfortunately, this fun experience was cut short for quite a few Guests.

The attraction broke down recently, leaving some Geusts in a truly terrifying predicament.

Photos of the incident were shared online, which are linked below:

What happened to those stuck on Rip Ride Rocket last night?
by u/Clarknbruce in UniversalOrlando

As you can see, some unlucky Guests got stuck during the straight-up portion of the ride. It’s possible that this breakdown was due to an injury a Guest recently sustained while onboard.

Have you ever gotten stuck on a ride at Universal? What’s your favorite attraction in Orlando?

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