Shakira Rejects Tom Cruise’s Romantic Advances

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Hollywood Star Tom Cruise on the left and Singer Shakira on the right

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Shakira won’t “Try Everything”, drawing a line at Tom Cruise. In a recent report, an ego bruise for Tom Cruise came to light, when the actor got shut down by the iconic Shakira. As it appears, the camaraderie Disney stars share doesn’t always extend to the world of real-life romance.

After the two Disney icons spent time together at the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Cruise took an interest in Shakira. And she flat-out rejected him. The attraction was not reciprocated. The singer noted her efforts to be polite but says that Cruise comes across as too intense. Cruise ‘goes from zero to 100.’

Intensity can be good, but there’s certainly a time and a place. While the song holds, its merit, so does Shakira hold steadfast to her boundaries. Those boundaries mean a full stop for Tom Cruise.

The long-time Disney enthusiast is known for her work on Zootopia as Gazelle and for her powerful, iconic voice in “Try Everything“. It even inspired a sequel and open-world game. But even for a singer known for intensity, Tom Cruise was a bit too much.

The Zootopia singer went so far as to say that Cruise’s closest friends suggest that he ‘dial it back.’ However, while Shakira clearly won’t “Try Everything”, it doesn’t mean the Mission Impossible star is ready to give up on true love.

Gazelle from 'Zootopia' | Credit: Disney
Gazelle from ‘Zootopia’ | Credit: Disney

Shakira shot him down, but that’s not enough to stop him. Tom Cruise takes on the role of a hopeless romantic, continuing to pursue love in between his professional obligations. Conversely, after a recent split with their long-term partner, Shakira won’t ‘Try Everything”,  instead taking a no-dating stance.

Both stars have strong ties to Disney. Cruise played the iconic Brian Flanagan, a bartender with panache, in the film Cocktail and  The Color of Money as Vincent Lauria. More recently, Tom Cruise joined the cast of The Lion King, the live-action film.

Despite being busy with work, and getting shut down by Shakira, the actor reportedly remains open to romance. The optimism Cruise possesses is likely one of the reasons for such long-term career success, and perhaps also for a failed love life. Disney enthusiasts can only hope that this passion transfers to the screen during The Lion King production.

What are your thoughts on the Shakira and Tom Cruise debacle? Publicity stunt or pursuit of love? Let Inside the Magic Know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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