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Hollywood Star Tom Cruise on the left and Singer Shakira on the right

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. I figured she wasn’t interested in join his cult, scientology

  2. Rose verde

    Tom Cruise yr a hulk, I don’t know what you saw in that shrimp, she’s not all that,I don’t care for her music it all sounds the same. Anyhow, I’m available but far from ur league according to many circles, but I don’t mind
    ur believe in Scientology, I too belong to the Sda Church who most shun. 😘🌹

  3. Mar

    Too much woman for Tom. She like real men.

  4. Debs

    E,s gorjus an deserves a woman 4 him, not status etc, him the person, beliefs and all

    1. B.A.

      It’s amazing how critical people are of someone so unattainable. Love Tom! Can these women do better? I doubt it!

  5. Sherry

    He can’t keep a woman, a loser who doesn’t even see his daughter

    1. Venusmann

      Harsh….lighten up

    2. They all break up with him. A sucker who fell for that little Scientology twerp…

    3. Dre

      What helose he got everything and had her too
      …ain’t fooling me. She a ho can’t settle down to what he has to offer..typical

  6. He needs to face it…. he’s old!!! Find someone closer to your age Tom!!! BTW she already has a father

  7. He deserves better anyway, a Lady that dresses decently and is a good role model like he is not a trampy half dressed “performer”. I wouldn’t want my children nor any young person thinking of her as a model.

  8. Jon H

    Publicity stun big time. They both doing Disney, so why not more publicity the better.
    Tom is 60 so to make a age limit, it half his age plus 7. His age limit would be 37. Shakia is no spring chicken, she 46. I believe they’ll become good friends. More likely his ego is too much for her.

  9. Sherry Schodts

    My thought is: if you have read how his scientology handlers run his life, most women don’t want any part of that. Nicole didn’t. Katie didn’t.

  10. Tom, She does look good but choose not to accept that mission. It’s about impossible as it is for pervs to have pure thoughts about children.

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