VIDEO: Roller Coaster Falls Apart With Guests on Board

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Cracks on Fury 325

Credit: @wxbrad via Twitter

A roller coaster has been completely shut down after a viral video revealed the attraction essentially falling apart.

The Flying Cobras inversion at Carowinds
Credit: Carowinds

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Theme parks all across the world usually have one thing in common: roller coasters. Whether they’re fast, slow, tall or short, you can bet on at least a few different coasters populating nearly every single theme park, whether it be at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, or Six Flags.

Because of the terrifying nature of these rides, safety is of the utmost importance. We often see rides and attractions close down for routine maintenance, and while this may be a slight annoyance to some, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Recently, a shocking incident occurred at a theme park in North Carolina, resulting in the closure of a popular ride.

Doo-Si-Do ride at Carowinds, North Carolina theme park
Credit: Carowinds

Fury 325 at Carowinds has been completely shut down after videos revealed a crack in the ride’s support.

One video went viral on social media, spreading quickly across sites like Twitter:

Fury 325 at Carowinds, has now been shut down thanks to a visitor who spotted this massive crack in the support beam. Huge shout out to Jeremy Wagner for getting the video and telling Carowinds about it. #wcnc

As you can see, towards the top of a sharp curve, a crack can be seen in the ride’s support structure. Guests barreled toward the turn quickly, causing a significant separation between the two halves. The attraction essentially falls apart as Guests ride it.

We have to say, we’ve never seen a theme park video quite like this.

An enhanced look at the insane crack is linked below:

Fury 325 will be down until further notice! : Jeremy Wagner

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The roller coaster is now closed until further notice, allowing crews to fix this shocking issue. We are incredibly glad to see the theme park act so quickly, ensuring no Guest gets hurt or seriously injured.

Carowinds is the most popular amusement park on the North Carolina-South Carolina border, despite the rumors of Disney World moving to South Carolina or North Carolina amid the ongoing legal battle with Governor Ron DeSantis in Central Florida.

Have you been to Carowinds? What’s your favorite roller coaster?

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