Disney Pixar Releases Tear-Jerking Trailer For Final ‘Up’ Sequel

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Pixar releases the trailer for 'Dug Days' short

Credit: Pixar

Fans unite in excitement as Pixar releases a trailer for the last-ever Dug Days short, and it’s promising to live up to the iconic heartwarming yet tear-jerking standards.

Letting go of a beloved character is always a bittersweet moment, especially when it seems like just yesterday that the first teaser came out.

The Walt Disney Company’s new trailer gives fans a sneak peek into Dug and Carl’s ultimate story. It’s about love, moving forward, embracing change, and finding closure. If the sneak peek is any indicator, the tears promise to come as a side to popcorn.

The last short is slated to premiere exclusively in theaters on Friday, June 16, 2023. Showing ahead of the film Elemental‘s debut, Pixar releases the trailer to once again use its thrall and draw viewers to the box office.

Pixar releases trailer Cartoon Base on Twitter: "Pixar's 'DUG DAYS: CARL'S DATE' has seemingly been delayed despite being scheduled to release today on Disney+
Credit: Pixar

And tugging on the heartstrings before the feature even starts? That’s just classic. From the Frozen short before Cinderella to the last of the good old Dug Days before the new film about the elements, it’s a tried and true call to action for Pixar fans.

But how could anyone who’s followed Dug Days miss Carl’s Date? It’s pretty well known that most Pixar fans agree that, even if the movie is panned before release, you still watch the film.

So, as the buildup for Elemental absorbs a ton of attention, it’s worth remembering the classics like Up. Films do more than tell simple stories, they are powerful multimedia tools to communicate an experience.

Credit: Pixar

When fans participate, it can lead to whole universes for beloved characters like Carl, and Dug. Hopefully, with the emotional short priming the audience, fire, and water get that same benefit of emotional vulnerability and willingness to suspend disbelief and just take in the magic.

What do you think about Carl’s fate? Will you be there for the big reveal? Let Inside the Magic hear your take in the comments down below!

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