VIDEO: For the second time in forever, Frozen takes over Cinderella Castle at The Magic Kingdom

in Walt Disney World

For the second time in forever, tis the season for warm hugs, and Frozen fractals hung from a castle with care. With visions of a talking, summer lovable snowman dancing around in a kingdom built by dreams, there’s only one thing to make this season complete; chocolate. Well, that’s if Queen Elsa and Princess Anna had their way. But were talking about the spirit of the Holiday season, and it arrived at The Magic Kingdom almost overnight with “A Frozen Holiday Wish”!





The Frozen spell was once again cast, with the help of all who wished along in the audience. With a few enchanting waves from the visiting Queen, Cinderella Castle was turned from a fixer-upper into a shimmering, glistening, sparkling palace of crystalized ice. All the favorites from Frozen play a part, and yes… even Kristoff helps out; he’s an ice expert too, don’t forget.


A little festive love, with a holiday wish from Arendelle, will surely make the Floridian winters feel like home to all who visit. Especially for Olaf, I’m sure Elsa will sneak in a few warm days here and there for him. This winter, you can find yourself frozen in love once again with the twice-nightly performance. After all, some stage shows are worth melting for.


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