New ‘Elemental’ Experience Debuts in Disney Parks

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Disney Movie Characters 'Elemental' from left and right sides; 'Elemental' Movie Poster in the Middle

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Even before its release, Elemental keeps making a splash amongst fired-up fans as the new Elemental experience debuts in Disney parks, as part of the “World of Color – ONE” event.

The upcoming feature, Elemental, is Pixar’s newest film, comes out on June 16, 2023. It’s a movie surrounding societal expectations, diversity, and immigration through the scope of the core Ancient Greek elements. And it’s already attracting a lot of attention and fanfare. Its newest addition? A two-minute water show that brings the characters from the film to life.

As part of the World of Color – ONE attraction at Disneyland, the ‘Elemental Connection’ debuts as a sensory masterpiece. Fans only have a limited time to catch this event at the Disneyland Resort at Paradise Gardens Park. It incorporates colorful projections onto water to tease film fans and offer an immersive experience.

Sean Bailey adapts animated films to their modern counterparts as part of a larger thematic change at Disney. Thematically, it’s at the heart of a bi-partisan debate between cancel culture and social awareness. The new ‘Elemental’ experience debuts in Disney parks as Bailey goes on record saying, “We want to reflect the world as it exists.”

Elemental picture celebrating inclusion in spirit of the 'Elemental Connection' pre-show debuts| Disney Movies
Credit: Disney

Of course, no single medium can capture important messages about the cultural shift toward inclusion and diversity. That’s why the ‘Elemental Connection’ pre-show debut is so valuable. It adds a whole other level to the experience.

World of Color where 'Elemental Connection' pre-show debuts | Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

It’s no secret that soundtracks from Pixar and Disney can pull tears from even the most stubborn. The World of Color – ONE attractions use immersion to complement the sound and pictures that make Disney films so powerful. The best way to encapsulate Disney is to actively participate, and the new pre-show for Elemental offers precisely that opportunity.

What are your thoughts on the ‘Elemental Connection’s pre-show debut? Which element are you? Let Inside the Magic know your take in the comments below!

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