Pastor Claims Disney Is Promoting Satanism to Teenagers

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Devil and cast of 'Pauline' as pastor thinks Disney+ promotes Satan

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Straight from the Big Apple, a pastor issued a stark warning against a new television program, saying Disney is promoting Satanism.

Image of the Devil
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It’s no secret that Disney+ includes some subversive content. By providing adult content, dark content, and also Christian content, the platform can appeal to a broader audience. All content on the site features official ratings and warnings, under streaming regulations.

Of course, this isn’t enough to stop many youths from accessing the content, much to the discontent of the pastor who believes Disney is promoting Satanism to teens. Mike Signorelli, the pastor of V1 Church in New York City, isn’t just talking about the whole platform. He’s referring to one specific program.

Moon girl and devil dinosaur
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Now, if you’ve looked through your Disney+ queue, it might seem tricky to identify which show is the one where supposedly Disney is promoting Satanism to teens. This comes as the platform includes more international content than ever before.

Such changes can cause culture clashes, but the steadfast views of Signorelli are set against this one Disney+ program. And it’s probably not the one you think.

Regarding this piece of controversial content, the pastor stated, “Satan always comes masquerading as an angel of light, and so he’s going to portray himself in the form that people are most readily able to accept.”

The speech continues, with a major focus on appealing to the masses, clearly pointing to Disney. And masses is something Disney has in spades.

Crowds at Disney
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So which show is it? Little DemonGhost Rider? Omen? Actually, it’s none of the above. Instead, the pastor believes the show, Pauline. At its heart, it’s a story about a struggling teen becoming pregnant with the devil.

Pastor thinks Disney+ promotes Satan because of this show
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The coming-of-age love story is the subject of much controversy. Some think that it’s a clear metaphor. Others believe it’s a brick of good intentions paving a dangerous road. What Pauline means, though, is entirely up to the viewer.

What do you think about the claims that Disney is promoting Satanism to teens? Let Inside the Magic hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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