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Devil and cast of 'Pauline' as pastor thinks Disney+ promotes Satan

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  1. Judy

    I heard Jimmy Webb (MacArthur’s Park, By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Didn’t We, many others and many with cowriters). Tell the (true) story that he was looking forward to having his new song ‘Up, Up And Away” on the radio. He called and they said they cut the song. They were watching carefully songs about drugs and just assumed that “Up, Up and Away” was about drugs. In fact, it was about balloons! We need to be wise about our decisions. It sounds like this is what happened here.

  2. Andy Diabolus

    Plays, books and films have depicted the Devil for hundreds of years; Marlowe and Goethe’s Faustus, the legend of Robert Johnson as immortalised in the film Crossroads, Milton’s Paradise Lost, even back to medieval passion plays. Radical Christians just don’t like it when the figure that they use to try and scare us is shown in a sympathetic light, and are clearly just jumping up and down for the attention.

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