Netflix Production Moves Forward Despite Strike

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The WGA writers’ strike has halted production on dozens of film and television projects, including the Daredevil reboot, Batman 2, and much more.

The writers’ strike started back in May as negotiations between writers and the studios failed to come to an agreement as concerns about pay, streaming residuals, and artificial intelligence were raised and ignored. Now, over 1000 SAG-AFTRA actors are putting their weight behind the strike as the end of a month full of their own negotiations draws to a close with no agreement in sight. The actors have brought up similar concerns, with AI being at the forefront.

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If SAG does go on strike with the WGA, it will essentially ground everything else that was in production to a complete halt. Without writers on set, rewrites and script edits can’t be done, and without actors, there’s nothing to film. This could spell disaster for a Netflix production that just started filming earlier this week.

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Netflix’s hit show The Sandman was released late last year to critical and fan acclaim, praised by many as a faithful adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s 1990s graphic novel collection. The show was released in August 2022 and within just a few months, had received an official renewal for a second season. Gaiman has been very supportive of the WGA strike, delivering speeches at the picket line and protesting with other writers, actors, and industry giants.

Tom Sturridge as Dream/Morpheus in Netflix's Sandman on Cast Poster
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According to Gaiman, who also serves as an executive producer on the show, the scripts for Season 2 had been submitted back in May, allowing shooting to commence as originally scheduled, but won’t allow for any additional rewrites or edits during the process. He’s admitted that it will have a negative impact on the show but reassured fans that “it’s worth it.” Apparently, The Sandman has continued pre-production despite the ongoing strike as it was confirmed that Season 2 had begun filming earlier this week in England, where most of Season 1 had filmed.

Dream talking to Death
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With Netflix being one of the major studios refusing to meet writer demands, it’s a clear slap in the face for those currently on strike and those about to be that the streaming giant has decided to continue operations as normal. As the SAG strike threatens Hollywood in the next few days, it’s unclear what will happen with filming or how it will affect the overall production or quality of Season 2.

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