Movies Like ‘The Flash’ Can Hurt Actors’ Mental Health

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While bringing in millions at the box office, films like The Flash can hurt actors’ mental health. From behind-the-scenes stressors to pressures of fame, a shocking number of actors say that the job takes its toll, from the Game of Thrones cast to Marvel movies like Spider Man. Some of the affected people have the strongest on-screen personas, startling fans everywhere.

Disney employee while the films can hurt actors' mental health
Credit: The Walt Disney Company

According to The Walt Disney Company’s hiring site statement, “For 100 years, Disney employee(s) and cast members have worked together and thrived together in making Disney a leading global entertainment company.” What it doesn’t say is the cost of this industry leadership, nor does it mention those that pay the price.

There are plenty of examples in pop culture where production studios put too much pressure on actors. A beast with many faces, it shows up in the escalating actor strikes at Disneyland. It also arises in actors like Tom Holland leaving the acting scene after a difficult time filming Spider-Man. It’s clear that some entertainment industry components contribute to hurting actors’ mental health. One strong (and surprising) connection? Success.

The Success of Disney and Warner Bros. Movies Can Hurt Actors’ Mental Health

Yes, shareholders, fans, and the droves of people these entertainment giants employ to benefit from the success of Disney features and the attractions they breed. The cohesion between film and theme park is part of what makes Disney successful. It makes major pieces like Pixar’s Elemental alongside Warner Bros. creating the The Flash. A hit during its first showings, the film promises to keep growing in the charts.

Ezra Miller in 'The Flash' scene
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The controversy surrounding the actor playing The Flash focused on the health of the film, not the actor. In a quote from the New York Times, “Based on the DC Comics character, the new blockbuster has survived three director changes and, most recently, the legal troubles of its star superhero, Ezra Miller.”

As for the causes of mental health concerns, there’s a whole lot of opinion and very little fact. The Flash disclaims itself as using scenes of nudity and foul language, but that speaks to how it impacts the audience, not the actor. While the movie is separate from the actor, it can also represent a bigger issue: whether success in film can hurt actors’ health.

Anne Hathaway in ';Les Miserables', an example of filming hurting actors' mental health
Credit: Universal Studios

Big names like Nicole Kidman, Kate Winslet, and Anne Hathaway claim issues rooted in the experience of portraying their characters in smash hits like The Reader and Les Misérables. There is ample support for those seeking help, whether stress or otherwise. That doesn’t eliminate the fact that success comes with a price, and it’s not the audience that pays for it.

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