‘Twilight’ Star Kristen Stewart Says Big Budget Movies “Usually Suck”

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Kristen stewart as bella swan in twilight eclipse

Credit: Summit Entertainment

Actress Kristen Stewart has come a long way since starring as Bella Swan in the Twilight franchise – and an even longer way since her debut in Panic Room with Jodie Foster in 2002.

In one of Interview Magazine‘s signature star-to-star interviews, Stewart opened up to interviewee, Rachel Senott, who was publicizing a role on The Idol, about outgrowing the mentality that acting was “about being a good student.”

I used to have a hard time creating a character and then believing it enough to play it because as a kiddo I was always just called to arms. The character would always be so fully outside of me, and created by someone else, that I was so scared of f***ing it up or not doing the best…

Kristen Stewart as Sarah Altman in Panic Room
Credit: Sony Pictures

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That’s how kid actors are…I had all these stupid rules for myself that I guess I needed then.

Now, however, Stewart confirms that she’s had an about-face in attitude, and that she is now “very down to be reckless as an actor,” and, in the future, as a writer and director too.

Kristen Stewart is “Scared” of Movies With Budgets Bigger than $5 Million

Kristen Stewart as Timlin in Crimes of the Future
Credit: Sphere Films

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That willingness to be a reckless actor comes with a price, though it’s not one that Stewart seems to mind paying particularly much.

A desire to star in more experimental or collaborative pieces pretty much precludes you from starring in big-budget blockbusters, but Stewart flat-out stated that she never wants to do that again anyway:

I feel scared of anything big lately. There’s a weird hierarchy that makes me uncomfortable…I want my first movie to be a student film, even if it takes three years. I’m also not going to make a movie for more than $5 million, because it makes me uncomfortable and they usually suck. But getting people to agree to do that is so hard. 

Stewart seems to share the same attitude that her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson did a few years ago, before he signed on for The Batman – he, too, starred in a series of risky and esoteric independent films with smaller budgets, like The Lighthouse.

Right now, Stewart is embarking on an exciting venture so that she has much more say over what movies makes and what their sets are like: She and her fiancé, screenwriter Dylan Meyer, are starting a production company together.

Stewart and Meyer Working on New “Stoner Girl Comedy”

Kristen stewart as bella swan in twilight breaking dawn part 2
Credit: Summit Entertainment

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I’ve worked with so many people that I didn’t know and that I didn’t like for so long. It was definitely valuable, but also, f*** that.

And, in the spirit of saying “f*** that,” the couple are even working on a movie together, written by Meyer and starring Stewart. According to Kristen, “it’s a stoner girl comedy, and it’s really f***ing stupid.”

Stewart follows in the footsteps of many other actresses today, including Margot Robbie, who is currently starring in her new company LuckyChap’s highly anticipated film, Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig.

No word on whin this stoner girl comedy is coming out, or the name of the production company, but with the hard-earned experience of Kristen Stewart, when it does come, it’s probably gonna be big.

Are you looking forward to Kristen Stewart’s next movie? Drop your opinion in the comments below.

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