Julie Andrews and Daughter to Publish Book About a Family of Ducks

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Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, are using a real-life family of ducks to teach about the power that theatre can have on young children.

Though Julie Andrews is known first and foremost for her acting, in roles ranging from Mary Poppins to Queen Clarisse Renaldi of The Princess Diaries, she’s also dabbled in writing. Aside from her own memoirs, Andrews has also published several children’s books with her daughter, including Dragon: Hound of Honor, Simeon’s Gift, and the Very Fairy Princess series.

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Now, they’re at it again, set to publish another story that they hope will inspire children to love reading and the arts. This story, however, is different because, according to an exclusive statement given to Entertainment Weekly by Andrews and Hamilton, this one is based on a real-life family of ducks.

Believe it or not, this book was inspired by a real-life family of ducklings that hatched in the courtyard of Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor. We just knew that these charming ducks, born on site at a theater, would make for the perfect story to celebrate the impact that arts and musical theater can have on young people.

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The statement went on to talk about the positive impact that theatre and other arts have been proven to have on children in school and life and how they hope their book inspires more children to take up the arts.

According to the publisher’s description, the book Waiting in the Wings is about what happens when a couple of ducks settle down and start a family next to a working theater.

Mr. and Mrs. Puddleduck have found the perfect place to nest: a cozy planter by a theater in a sunny seaside village. While Mrs. P is warming the eggs, Mr. P is drawn to the spellbinding songs, fabulous feathered costumes, and dazzling dances he’s secretly watching during rehearsals. He’s even showing off some fancy new footwork to Mrs. P!

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But it turns out he’s been learning much more than how to put on a show. When the chicks begin hatching right by the roadside, it takes a chorus line of parading performers — and Mr. P’s clever choreography — to come to the rescue!”

Waiting in the Wings is due to release on April 30, 2024. Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton will write the book, and EG Keller illustrated John Oliver’s Marlon Bundo books.

Will you buy Julie Andrews’ children’s book? Do you think it sounds like a cute story? Chime in in the comments below.

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