Disney’s ‘Primos’ Faces Racist Backlash

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Tater yells the Primos Title

Credit: Disney Channel

Walt Disney Animation has given the world some of the greatest animated series audiences have ever known. From DuckTales to Phineas and Ferb, many of the company’s Saturday morning cartoons have gone on to become major pop culture icons. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for Primos.

Tater runs from her cousins in Primos
Credit: Disney

Primos is a new series from Disney artist, Natasha Kline, and it follows 11-year-old Tater and how she handles life when her 12 cousins move in for the summer. It seems totally innocent at first, almost like Disney’s answer to Nickelodeon’s Loud House, but fans aren’t having the expected response.

Primos Pulled for Racist Stereotypes


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@fernandcortesx shares her thoughts on the show’s developments, and she’s correct that the project is being met with some premature hostility. Disney fans looking for more information on the show will find little more than the intro seen in the TikTok above, as the promo has indeed been pulled from Disney’s official pages. Even a search on Disney’s site reveals only the theme song.

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With that all in mind, is the project really that bad? Although the premise and design of the show definitely falls into some cultural stereotypes, fans in the comments aren’t as vicious as some might first expect. Could this be another case of cancel culture striking again?

Some, like @mrsjazzy, write in the comments,

“But ok like I would spend my summers at my grandma’s house with all my cousin my age which was like 15 of us. I have 42 cousins on one side.”

And @chenayin defends the animator’s work by adding,

“the “Oye, Primos!” it literally demonstrates that her first language is English, so, her conjugations obviously makes no sense, which is feasible”

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Yes, there are some things viewers will undoubtedly pick apart and complain to no end, but the level of offensiveness is more than a little debatable. It might be the case that Disney is taking extra precautions to avoid even a hint of controversy from their new material. Either way, this is definitely a mark on Disney Animation’s record.

Do you think Primos comes across as racist? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments below!

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