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Tater yells the Primos Title

Credit: Disney Channel


  1. Child

    Apparently Disney thinks brown sterotypes are wrong but Caucasian sterotypes are absolutely a thing…

    1. Santiago Pastrana Denetro

      Latinos van be Caucasian too.

  2. Stefani

    I don’t think people are THAT upset over the grammatical error—they were just telling them to fix it—especially since her own cousins also say “oye primos” in the song. If the argument is that she doesn’t know Spanish well, what’s the argument for them singing it too? Don’t they know Spanish fluently?

    Regardless, the actual upset was the lack of research that went into it which was confirmed by the show’s creator on Instagram. The voice actress of the protagonist said that Spanish is the language of conquistadors while speaking in English 💀💀 it’s things like this that are surfacing in response to people asking them to correct grammar (why teach the wrong way to say oigan primos to a younger generation this show is aimed at anyway?) that have upset the LATAM community. If it weren’t for these responses I honestly think the majority of people might have made fun of it a bit and then ignored it.

    1. Pedro Páramo

      I agree.

  3. Pedro Páramo

    I believe this cartoon is racist and offensive, never expected something like this from Disney, period.

  4. P.C.Knott

    How is it that Disney will allow shows like this and Proud Family and not deem them racist, inappropriate or whatever, yet they won’t allow Song of the South to be aired? No wonder Disney is in the mess it is. They don’t even know what’s right or wrong.

    1. KK

      100% spot on.
      The original Proud Family was fine but the reboot is disgraceful.

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