Disney’s PhotoPass Hidden Gems Shock Guests

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Disney PhotoPass Hidden Gems | Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney

Disney’s PhotoPass hidden gems startle even the most avid theme park fans after learning about some secret treasures in the parks.

Disney's Hollywood Studios, Hidden Mickey PhotoPass Photo Ops at Walt Disney World One of Disney PhotoPass Hidden Gems| Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

No matter which theme park guests attend, all it takes is a 360-degree look to see the magic. But secrets remain, as Disney’s PhotoPass hidden gems give enthusiasts something to actively seek. The new Magic Shot option allows augmented reality (AR) to integrate into guests’ memories.

Mickey Bubbles, Hidden Mickey PhotoPass Photo Ops at Walt Disney World | Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

Have you ever tried to blow a bubble that looks like Mickey Mouse? Probably not. That’s why the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival lets guests use Magic Shoot to incorporate bubbles in the shape of the Disney icon. But that’s not the only one of Disney’s PhotoPass hidden treasures.

Mickey Balloons at EPCOT, Hidden Mickey PhotoPass Photo Ops at Walt Disney World | Disney: Credit
Disney: Credit

Another worthy option is the fireworks feature on the Disney PhotoPass Lens. It lets visitors see the iconic Disney attraction at any time of day, not just during the regular fireworks. The lens is there for anyone with the Disney Genie+ service and annual passholders.

These Disney PhotoPass hidden treasures are wonderful ways to embrace ongoing celebrations. In June, Disney celebrates Black Music Month and Pride. To make the most of any trip, understanding how to incorporate the PhotoPass feature is extremely useful.

Credit: Disney
Disney PhotoPass Hidden Gems, Fireworks | Credit: Disney

The memory maker opens worlds of opportunities for creating the perfect memory. Disney actively encourages guests to make TikTok videos with the PhotoPass tech. Perhaps a bit of Pixie dust can help, especially when visitors can use another of these Disney PhotoPass hidden gems and infuse Peter Pan magic into the memory.

As far as ways to approach a theme park like Disney World, PhotoPass is an impressive option. The whole idea is to explore and discover all the Mickeys hidden throughout the area. Disney theme parks are always replete with magic, but this feature adds a completely unprecedented virtual component.

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