Disney’s Battle With Its Employees Is Hurting Its Parks

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Paris Disneyland Strikes | Credit: Disney

Paris Disneyland Strikes | Credit: Disney

Travelers probably know that the Paris Disneyland employee strikes impact bookings. Disney’s battle with its employees started with a demand for an increase in wages.  It began on May 10 when 200 staff members left their posts.

The number grew by May 23, rising to 500. Finally, on May 30, the walkout included around 1,000 staff members, all declaring dissent. With each iteration, the number grows. The question is why the changes, and how will this impact the beloved Disney park?

Cast Members cheer on Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

Many believe that the pressure Disney puts on the staff and the arguments for better pay justifies the strike. Initial numbers sure showed that Disney’s battle with its employees left strikers with a lot of ground to cover.

More recent turns suggest that far more staff were discontent. It speaks to Disney’s history of discontent amongst its staff.

Dissent before Paris Disneyland Employee Strikes | Credit: Disney
Dissent before Disney’s battle with its employees | Credit: Disney

Disney’s battle with its employees impacts the park’s performance and each member of staff. When strikes occur, it’s a struggle for loyalty between colleagues and the company. But it also impacts the parks themselves.

Union protections offer a certain safety, but it also calls into question job stability during already challenging economic times. It also leaves guests concerned about the implications for the park’s future.

So, with maintenance and security joining into the end-of-May protest, it calls into question how bad the wage situation truly is. It also highlights how little change happened after raising the issue initially in early 2023. As these issues build, it adds more stress on the staff, the guests, and ultimately, the parks.

Disneyland Paris crowds | Credit: Disney
Disneyland Paris crowds | Credit: Disney

But there is another side to the Disney’s battle with its employees. According to the official Disneyland Paris LinkedIn site, the company has around 8,000 employees. Only a fraction of them participated in the strike. Though, recent the number is now closer to its highest count, even as the park celebrates an iconic anniversary. And the implications for a well-functioning theme park are dire.

An official strike, slated for June 3, 2023, led Disney to advise guests to keep their distance. So yes, 1,000 is many. But it isn’t the whole. In effect, only 12.5% of the employees took to action. Depending on the numbers that turnout during the official strike, these numbers might change.

One thing that doesn’t change is that, at the start, only 2.5% of employees took action. That rose to 6.25% with the second kick, and finally to almost 13% of Disneyland Paris staff.

What that doesn’t say is the fact that, at its peak of activity, 87% weren’t a part of the equation. It shows since features like the new Minnie Mouse attraction just sprung to life in Disneyland Paris.

There’s a staff to run the Disneyland Paris parks. The strikes also brought a spotlight on the park’s practices, only adding to the tension. So, as the action plays out, it’s interesting to consider how the employees on both sides of the division take to the changes.

What do you think about the Disneyland Paris strikes? Should they stay or should they go? Let Inside the Magic know your opinion in the comments below!

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