Disney’s ‘Tron: Legacy’ Sequel Finds Its Villain

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Disney's 'Tron: Legacy' Sequel Finds Its Villain

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Disney has had a long time to figure things out with the Tron franchise. After the success of Tron: Legacy (2010), fans have been clamoring for more content and stories from the Grid. A sequel to the 2010 box office hit is finally hearing up for production, and the film has finally found its villain.

Disney's 'Tron: Legacy' Sequel Finds Its Villain
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The Third Installment in the ‘Tron’ Franchise Is Finally Moving Forward

It’s been 13 years since Disney released the follow-up to the 1982 hit classic Tron. The sequel film did well at the box office (not a smash hit, I know) and was able to relaunch that franchise back into modern society. Tron: Legacy (2010) saw the son of Kevin Flynn figure out the whereabouts of his Father and venture back into the world of Tron through the Grid. The use of CGI and practical effects made this movie visually stunning. The music from the French music duo Daft Punk gave the film a futuristic and dystopian vibe that has still held up after all these years.

Evan Peters Disney's 'Tron: Legacy' Sequel Finds Its Villain
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The third installment of the Tron franchise has been up in the air since being announced years ago but has had trouble launching off the ground due to rocky relationship issues with the Walt Disney Company. Director Joseph Kosinski, who recently directed Top Gun: Maverick (2022), was chosen to lead the next installment but ultimately left the movie. Disney then decided to relaunch the franchise and poised another director, Garth Davis (Lion), but those plans also fell through. After no updates past 2020, Disney has finally revealed much information, including a title, for the upcoming Tron: Legacy (2010) sequel.

Evan Peters - The Third Installment in the 'Tron' Franchise Is Finally Moving Forward
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New ‘Tron’ Movie Gets Title, Cast, and Villain – Evan Peters

According to ScreenRant, the new Tron sequel movie will be titled Tron: Ares, and the film is gearing up to start production on July 3, 2023, according to a report published in Production List. The film is set to continue the trend of filming in Vancouver, Canada, as principal photography for Tron: Legacy (2010) was also held in Canada—no other details besides some minor storyline details and the fact that Jared Leto has joined the cast. But now, it would appear even more news has been released as Tron: Ares has officially cast its villain – Evan Peters from X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) and Netflix’s original documentary Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (2022)

DiscussingFilm on Twitter released the official news of Evan Peters being cast as the villain for the upcoming Tron movie. Peters has a wide variety of roles that he’s played since his Hollywood career first launched. His most recent role, where he played the monstrous and horrifying Jeffrey Dahmer in the Netflix documentary, showcased his abilities and talents to play a villainous role in a movie. No other details have been released on the upcoming Tron sequel than the information provided in this article. Return to Inside The Magic for more Tron: Ares and other entertainment news.

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