Disney Shocks Fans With Annecy Film Festival Choices

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Disney shocks fans with picks for upcoming film fest; Disney Brand Image in the middle, Movie Wish on the left; and Fantasia 2000 on the right

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The highly anticipated Annecy Film Festival just got more exciting as Disney shocks fans with its 2023 lineup.

Annecy Film Festival has a rich history unto itself, starting in the early 1960s. A competitor of the Cannes Festival, Annecy is one of the major competitive environments for established and new artists. The festival itself has an impressive docket for 2023, with Disney being one of the many participants.

According to Marcel Jean, artistic director, “We’re taking in historical players such as Disney, DreamWorks, and Pixar who will still come, as well as global platforms such as Netflix, Paramount, and Warner Bros. Discovery. And [we’re welcoming] several big titles.”

Fantasia | Disney Movies as Disney shocks fans with choices for film festival
Credit: Disney

This couldn’t come at a better time for Disney, with its centennial celebration in 2023. It amounts to some massive opportunities to assert itself as a modern powerhouse, tying itself to history and the present through a show of Fantasia 2000. It reminds fans that there’s always value in a little imagination.’

strange world clade family facing front | Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Animation is a significant focus, and while Disney shocks fans with its choices, there’s a clear reason behind it. Not fame or glory, or even money. It’s showing an unwavering support of Disney’s core principles, a living concept that adapts to global culture.

The idea is to keep an open field that includes both major and small-scale productions. It’s an opportunity to assert the freshest, most cutting-edge idea. So as Disney shocks fans with its choices, there’s hope it’s for good reason.

Its additions starkly contrast the other shows but also holds nostalgic similarity. Toopy and Binoo: The Movie runs alongside films like Nina and the Secret of the Hedgehog, while Disney focuses on its core values.

Disney premieres Wish, an upcoming animated musical The act certainly solidifies Disney’s ethical standpoint on issues like immigration, inclusion, and diversity.

Chicken Run poster as Disney shocks fans with film festival release
Credit: Disney

But there are some surprises in store for attendees. Disney shocks fans with its exhibition of puppets from Chicken Run 2 and a throwback to the original Fantasia, there’s plenty of build-up to the big event.

The Annecy Film Festival competition already announced its line-up for 2023, so there’s only more juicy news to come.

What are your thoughts as Disney shocks fan with its choices? Par for the course or odd behavior? Let Inside the Magic hear your take in the comments below!

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