A Complete Guide to Disney Bounding On Your Walt Disney World Vacation

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Walt Disney World Resort is the best spot for Disney movie lovers to assemble to meet their favorite characters and enjoy movie-inspired attractions. For Disney movie lovers, a Disney theme Park is the best way to engage with the classic stories they’ve loved for years. For Guests that want to amp the magic up a notch and those that love fashion, Disney Cosplaying may be a part of the day.

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What Is Disney Cosplay?

DIY Disney Cosplay is a fun hobby for many families and Disney adults that enjoy engaging in the Disney magic in a fun way and fashioning a fun outfit that can be photographed in the Parks. Disney character costumes can go beyond just a Halloween costume worn in your neighborhood on October 31. Many Guests find ways to make cute, fun, and comfortable cosplays that can be worn to Magic Kingdom Park, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, or Hollywood Studios.

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Disney Bounding


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Disney Cosplaying is also sometimes known as Disney Bounding, and you’ll likely hear the terms used interchangeably in Disney circles. A pivotal point is that a Disney Bound or Disney Cosplay is never meant to resemble authentic Disney character costumes. Dressing in costume in Disney Parks is against the rules. This rule is important because Guests must be able to distinguish other Park Guests from actual Cast Members.

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I love Disney Bounding because it allows me to color block pieces I already own and accessorize them with jewelry, shoes, and bags to pay homage to a Disney character. While I’ve never dressed in costume as Ariel in the Parks, I have worn the purple and green athleisure combo with a shell headband to have some themed fun in a Disney Bound.

Disney Cosplay Tutorials

If you want to make your Disney cosplay ideas a reality, there are plenty of online resources to learn more about tips and tricks and to gather inspiration. You will love browsing TikTok for inspiration from other Disney Parks fans. From Toy Story-inspired Disney Bounds to Disney Princess-inspired outfits, Disney fans have designed and assembled some incredible outfits. Cosplaying Disney costumes for adults, accurate Disney costumes, and cosplays of Disney Park characters are all frequent searches you’ll find online. There is no shortage of inspiration for vacation outfits.

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You are not limited to characters when planning a Disney bound. Disney Resort, food, and attraction-related bounds like Haunted Mansion or Toy Story Mania-inspired outfits are possible. Is a Dole Whip your favorite Disney Park snack? You can Disney bound as a Dole Whip with the right accessories and a fun yellow outfit. Is Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort your favorite Disney Resort? Why not embrace island flair and Disney bound as the Resort? There are no rules when it comes to Disney Cosplay and creativity. As Walt himself said, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

Planning and Shopping for Your Cosplay

If you want to build the best Disney Character Cosplay or Disney Bound, I encourage you to remember comfort and lean into thrifted finds and accessories. Disney fans are creative and fun people, so look for the possibility of ordinary pieces of clothing that can be styled or refashioned to pay homage to characters like Minnie Mouse, The Little Mermaid, or Peter Pan.


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I love scouring racks at my local thrift shops like Goodwill and America’s Thrift Shop when building a Disney Bound. Not only is it suitable for my budget, but it is also great for the planet to repurpose old clothes to make something new.

If you want a specific piece of clothing or vintage Disney Parks merchandise, hop on vintage and resell sites like Threadup, Poshmark, or Mercari to buy used clothing at a discount. Remember to choose cool and comfortable clothing when planning your Disney Bounds. After all, if the outfit inhibits your fun or makes you overheat during the Park day, it’s not worth the fashion statement.

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Disney Bound Tips

If you don’t want to be an outfit repeater, you can always sell your Disney Bound outfits to another Disney fan online after you’ve worn and washed them. Use the cash from the resell to fund your next Disney Cosplay!

For Disney adults with an eye for fashion and who like getting creative, Disney Cosplay is a great way to extend the magic between Disney vacations. Shopping for Disney Costumes or Disney outfit elements to wear in Orlando, FL., or Anaheim, CA. is a great way to get excited for your next Disney vacation.

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You don’t have to have your next vacation booked to start planning your fabulous outfits for the Parks! I love shopping on Etsy for vintage merch and Disney accessories. Poshmark and Shop Disney are perfect for outfit elements that I can incorporate into my next Disney Cosplay.

Will you Disney Bound or Cosplay on your next vacation? The possibilities are endless, from Star Wars characters and Disney Princesses to Disney hotels and rides!

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