TikToker Says Disney Adults Made Disneyland “Literally the Worst”

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A TikTok creator recently caught backlash for discussing her negative experience at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. In a three-minute video, Daisy (@daiserz89) blamed Disney Adults, Disney Cast Members, and long lines for “literally the worst” Disneyland Resort visit:


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“You would literally have to pay me a thousand dollars to go to Disneyland again,” Daisy began. “A lot of you guys are like, ‘Well, at least your daughter had fun.’ No, she didn’t.”

Daisy explained that the pair spent much of their visit at Minnie Mouse’s house in Mickey’s Toontown. Her three-year-old wanted to play with the large, themed appliances and furniture but was allegedly repeatedly interrupted by Disney Adults taking selfies.

“I didn’t want to be rude, so we had to constantly get out of the way so she couldn’t play with anything because there’s just people taking photos,” Daisy recalled. “Nobody was playing with the actual stuff… Most people going through literally just sat there, took a picture, and then left to take a picture with Minnie Mouse. A lot of people were at Disneyland in that place just to take the photos and leave. Nobody was actually enjoying it.”

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“My daughter just became super impatient,” she continued. “We were waiting 40 minutes in line to enter Minnie Mouse’s hou,se and she didn’t understand why we had to wait that long. And I get it. I don’t even understand why either.”

Daisy was also disappointed with the Disney Entertainment Cast Member playing Minnie Mouse. She said that her daughter tried to look at and interact with the Disney Character, who instead turned her around to pose for a photo.

“She wanted to interact with her, and Minnie Mouse tried to get her to turn around to take a picture,” Daisy said. “… She’s three years old. She doesn’t understand why she has to face the other way. She wants to hang out with Minnie Mouse… I could tell as the parent that Minnie Mouse wanted to clock out and go onto her break.”

The fountain in CenTOONial park in Mickey's Toontown
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Daisy shared footage of her daughter with Minnie Mouse. Though the Disney Character does try to encourage the little girl to take a photo, she first waves at her and points at her dress. The pair interact for a few seconds, typical for a meet & greet with a long line.

Lastly, Daisy was disappointed with the peak summer crowds.

“Every single thing, you had to wait in line,” she argued. “Even when you got your food, which you had to wait in line for, and use the mobile app to order. To find a table to eat at, you had to wait for a table to open. Even finding a stall in the bathroom, you had to wait. Even filling up your water bottle, you had to wait. There’s no place to sit down because all the benches are full.”

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Some commenters sympathized with Daisy and her daughter.

“I took my kids to Disneyland once at 8 and 6… you couldn’t PAY me to ever go back again,” @jennifee85 wrote. “Totally different experience from when I was a kid.”

“Disneyland is waaay too over crowded now,plus the social media influencers and tiktokers,” @wakonda001 agreed. “Disneyland sucks now.”

But others blamed her for not doing research and having incorrect expectations.

Mickey Mouse at Toontown in Disneyland Resort
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“Don’t go during peak season,” said @pjspony18.

“You complain about waiting 40 min to enter the Minnie Mouse house but also complain about not getting to spend 10 min with her lol,” @saltvinegarchippy wrote.

“Long interactions are rare. Ofcourse Minnie isn’t going to play with your kid for 5 minutes,” @aleishasview agreed. “…Majority of parents want a cute photo. You should have taken charge of the interaction.”

Have you had negative experiences with Disney Adults or Disney Cast Members? Share your experience with Inside the Magic in the comments.

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