‘Dead City’ Release Tries to Revive The Zombie Trend

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The Walking Dead has a new addition to its vast multiverse as the Dead City release tries to revive the zombie trend with the series’ two iconic arch nemeses, Maggie and Negan. After the first episode dropped on AMC and AMC+, die-hard fans of the post-apocalyptic wonderland wonder if this six-episode limited series is enough to resolve the deep-seated grudge that defines the show.

'Dead City' release promises to address Glen, Maggie, and Negan issues, pictured here
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Dead City Release Tries to Revive The Walking Dead Fandom

Many know that, back in the ’10s, zombies were all the rage. Everything from Z Nation to 28 Days Later and Disney’s ZOMBIES franchise to satirical pieces like I Zombie and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. While it never truly died, thanks to behind-the-scenes gossip and lifelong fans, the genre turned less mainstream, making The Walking Dead the cult classic it is.

Beginning as a comic book, it introduced Negan as one of the Saviors, but the character in print is far different than the one on screen. Darker, meaner, and with far fewer benefits, TV Negan is part of why the Dead City release is such an interesting take.

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In both versions, The Walking Dead show, and comic, Negan kills Glen, Maggie’s husband, right as she’s pregnant and ill. The brutal scene sets a clear definition between villains and heroes.

But the multiverse also ensured that there were opportunities for redemption arcs, the likes of which characters like Shane or Nick from Fear the Walking Dead never had a chance to complete. Then there’s Morgan, a throwback to the first-ever episode, who does find a way to “break the cycle.”

Sparing Negan’s life set a tone of forgiveness, but even as the series came to a close, Negan chose to walk away because of the understanding that Maggie was unable to offer that forgiveness. Dead City uses the one thing that could bring together two enemies in pursuit of good: the welfare of children.

In preparation for 'Dead City' release the clip from 'The Walking Dead' Maggie and son Herschel Credit AMC
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In The World Beyond and the ongoing Fear the Walking Dead, the theme of protecting children is core to the show. From Judith’s place as the narrator to the abduction of children by Padre, the CRM killing thousands of kids, to Hershel missing in The Big Apple, saving the next generation is the show’s core.

So does the Dead City release have a chance at resolving that thread and creating a children-first environment amongst the dead, both the zombies and many characters’ souls?

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Introducing a strange atmosphere, the ‘Marshalls’ are out to hunt down Negan, a fugitive. Apparently, they come for “tranquility, order, justice, and law.” But this is the first mention of “New Babylon Law.”

It didn’t seem to help Maggie when the ‘Dead City’ release told of the falling of Hilltop and Herschel being held as ‘collateral’ to ensure the steady flow of grain. The story follows Negan, now a father figure to Jennifer, one of the series’ new characters and attractions. A despairing Maggie collaborates as they work together against the story’s new villain.

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The show ended with introducing a Strand-level villain and reinforcing The Walking Dead‘s virtues. Regular installments of Dead City arrive for AMC subscribers or on the channel on Sundays at 10/9c.

What did you think about the Dead City release? Will there ever be a way for Maggie to forgive Negan? Share your take in the comments down below!

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