Wonder Woman Becomes a Super Mom

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Gal Gadot as Diana Prince

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

Without a doubt, Wonder Woman is one of the pillars of DC Comics. And in celebration of her approaching 800th issue, DC will be giving her something that Superman and Batman already have: a child.

Lynda Carter poses as Wonder Woman.
Credit: Warner Bros. Television / DC Comics

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Also known as Diana Prince or Princess Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman was created in 1941 by writer William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G. Peter. She quickly became one of DC Comics’ most popular characters, on par with Batman and Superman, earning herself a place as a member of The Justice League.

Diana Prince has appeared in multiple other mediums, most recognizably portrayed by Lynda Carter in the television series Wonder Woman (1975-1979), and by Gal Godot in the Wonder Woman (2017) film and its sequel Wonder Woman: 1984 (2020).

Without a doubt, Wonder Woman is one of the most significant characters in pop culture. And soon, she’ll be taking on a role she has only portrayed on alternate Earths: motherhood.

Meet Trinity, Daughter of Wonder Woman

Trinity, Daughter of Wonder Woman
Credit: DC Comics

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As the monthly Wonder Woman series approaches its 800th issue in June, writer Tom King and artist Daniel Sampere told IGN that her daughter will be introduced in a new series beginning in September 2023. Her name is Lizzie, but her superhero pseudonym will be Trinity.

When it comes to Trinity’s origin, King explained that it came from the success of Damian Wayne and Jon Kent. “Hard to remember exactly, but I think I stole at least the first spark from Mitch Gerads, the brilliant artist whom I’m blessed to work with on so many things. Mitch had a great idea for doing a sort of all-ages short story to follow up on our Mister Miracle series where Jon and Damian would be babysitting Scott and Barda’s kid, Jack.”

King then extrapolated the potential relationship between Lizzie, Damian, and Joe. “This got me thinking about the son of Batman and the son of Superman as older brother babysitters and how really the person they should be looking after is their little sister, the daughter of Wonder Woman. I have three kids, two of whom are close in age and then one who’s five years younger than those two, so I’m very familiar with this dynamic and its potential for comedy and drama. Super sons…and daughter. It was the kind of thing I’d want to read with them at any age. So, after I had that idea in my head, I couldn’t get it out.”

“When Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert introduced Damian, it went off like an atom bomb in the DC Universe. It was about Batman having a son, yes, but it was more about this attitude Damian brought and how that played off of Batman and the Robins, how it immediately differentiated Damian as a character that was fun to read and write. So, part of this was saying it’s not enough to just have a generic daughter of Wonder Woman; she has to be a character, she has to have weaknesses and strengths and a personality that can play off her brothers and her mother.”

“Dan Jurgens’ introduction of Jon was quieter and his growth in importance and popularity has been more organic but perhaps just as impactful as Damian’s. His strength seems to be his ability to talk to a new generation of readers, to show them both the relevancy of Superman’s ideals and the need to evolve those tenets.”

King continued, “This was a model for the impact we wanted for Trinity: someone who could reflect the greatness of Wonder Woman and still show a next possible step for the ideals embodied in that very impactful and very unique hero. And maybe more important than all of that, is that Jon and Damian are so great together: Pete Tomasi and Patrick Gleason gave us endless gold with Super Sons. For Trinity, we wanted someone who could play in that same sandbox, who could add to that chemistry.”

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