Warner Bros. Temporarily Erases Key Justice League Member From Streaming Platform

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Justice League teaming up

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Discovery just launched Max and some fans aren’t happy that one Justice League (2017) actor is nowhere to be seen on the streaming platform.

Ezra Miller and Sasha Calle in 'The Flash' (2023)
Credit: DC/Warner Bros.

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DC is still the flagship for Warner Bros. Discovery and now that the merger is finalized, rebranding has begun. Instead of keeping HBO Max the same, the company decided to make it simpler and just call it Max and drop the “HBO” to confuse fans.

The streaming platform launched the platform with crashes and errors, but it also decided to not include one Justice League member. Cyborg. Ray Fisher has been one actor who has voiced his opinions loud and clear about how he was treated and fans have supported him ever since.

Ben Affleck as Batman (Left), Ray Fisher as Cyborg (middle), and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (right)
Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

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One fan pointed out that Max didn’t bother to include Fisher’s Cyborg right away which felt wrong since all other Justice League members were there. Hours later, after fans called out Warner Brothers. Discovery, the profile picture was added, but it’s still sad that Ray Fisher’s future with DC isn’t looking good.

There are 2 Jokers, 3 Batmans, 2 Supermans, 2 Wonder Womans, 2 Aquamans, 2 Hawk & Doves, yet they excluded Ray Fisher’s Cyborg

Unlike other actors and stars, Cyborg really doesn’t have a place in the DCU at the moment. James Gunn hasn’t divulged any plans to create a live-action Teen Titans or a Justice League movie with Cybrog again is very unlikely. Even if Cyborg returns, it’s possible that Gunn will recast someone else since Fisher has been outspoken against all of Warner Brothers and the company might not want to hire the actor again.

There is still time for things to change because Chapter 1: “Gods and Monsters” isn’t guaranteed to include a Justice League movie. DC is moving at a slower pace since Gunn is rebuilding the franchise for his new era of storytelling which will ultimately begin with Superman: Legacy (2025) and will continue to explore a new version of the DC universe without having to deal with Zack Snyder’s universe.

The Justice League
Credit: DC Studios/Warner bros.

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Ezra Miller’s The Flash (2023) will serve as the necessary reboot for the franchise and allow characters like Batman and Superman to have a very different iteration, but that doesn’t mean that other stars won’t reprise their roles. Jason Momoa might still be Aquaman and it’s possible that more actors will get to return in the DCU after all. Hopefully, Ray Fisher can return, but that might not be possible any longer.

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